Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

When a pane shatters, so does your peace of mind. Your home depends on glass windows and doors to keep the elements out and remain secure. When glass is damaged or broken there is no time to waste. Glass Doctor® of Novi, MI understands the importance of being available to homeowners around the clock.

All Hours Access

Weather and break-ins never occur at a convenient time. However, the middle of the night can make it more stressful. Glass Doctor of Novi, MI offers emergency glass repair for Novi residents. You can be confident that our professional glass experts will come with the right tools and materials to get the job done at any hour.

Emergency Glass Repair Services

Our emergency glass repair services cover all the bases. Depending on the situation, we’ll select the most direct and efficient course of action. For simple repairs and replacements, you can expect the work to get done in a single visit. For more complex situations, we will make sure the site is secured, debris-free and make an appointment to come back and finish the job. Glass Doctor of Novi, MI is equipped to handle emergency board-ups or a full glass replacement if the correct pane is in stock. Each job is completed using the industry’s best practices.

Specialized Emergency Glass Repair

Glass Doctor of Novi, MI handles all types of glass repair. When your home includes custom decor, windows or patio doors, our glass specialists will take a few extra steps. During an emergency glass repair that includes specialty panes, we will get accurate measurements and note any special details. Once the area is secured, our team will place an order for your replacement glass and schedule a time to return. Our experts also work on casings and frames that require additional attention.

Glass Doctor of Novi, MI provides accessible emergency services that ensure that you are never left feeling compromised or insecure. For more information about our professional glass home solutions, contact us today.