Advance Measurement System

A business's ability to meet its customer's needs is essential for its success. That's why it is important to be proactive, especially when facing unforeseen events. When disaster strikes, Glass Doctor® of Novi, MI, is available 24/7 to assist. To optimize your emergency glass services, enroll in the Advance Measurement system.

How Our System Works

The Advance Measurement system starts with a visit from one of our dedicated glass specialists. Your facility is assessed and each piece of glass diagrammed. On our layout we number every pane and note any special requirements. During a disaster, accident or break-in, call the team at Glass Doctor of Novi, MI, day or night, and report the number of glass affected. Our team will know the glass you need before arriving!

Faster Emergency Repairs

Having the Advance Measurement system as part of your disaster recovery plan ensures swifter service. Our glass experts are able to easily locate the panes you need when you report the corresponding number from your diagram. Our team is ready to help around the clock, and if we don't have the right glass on hand, we will clean the area and perform an emergency board-up. To further expedite the process, pre-establish your credit and contact information. Whenever possible we'll complete repairs and installations in a single visit, saving you time, money and restoring your business's aesthetics.

For glass that's crucial to running your business or for panes that are frequently compromised, pre-order pieces with the in-stock program. We keep your glass at our shop, so when damage occurs you'll have the glass you want whenever you need it.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

Advance Measurement has several benefits, including:

  • Savings: The ability to complete a job in a single visit
  • Convenience: Fix glass issues swiftly so you can get back to business as usual
  • Liability: Reduce risk of customer and employee injury
  • Security: Avoid exposure to vandals or inclement weather
  • Image: Maintain your business's aesthetic

Strive for proactive glass care and avert lengthy response and repair times when unexpected events occur by enrolling in the Advance Measurement program today.