Auto Glass Care

If your vehicle has broken its glass, whether it's in your windshield, your passenger side windows or your mirrors, you'll want to have it repaired as quickly as possible. Not only can a crack worsen the longer it's left un-repaired, but it can drastically lower your visibility, making driving all the more dangerous. Glass Doctor® of Novi, MI, will provide professional and reliable auto glass care services when you need it.

Windshield Care

Damage done to your windshield should never be ignored, even it's only a small chip. The windshield of your vehicle accounts for roughly 45% of its structural integrity in a front-end collision and around 60% of its structural integrity in a rollover accident. This means even a small crack or chip may compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle.

We will repair smaller cracks and chips within an hour, and will even handle your insurance paperwork for you. If replacement is required, we will keep your vehicle's technology in mind as we perform the windshield replacement in addition to ensuring the structural integrity and glass clarity of your windshield is restored.

Auto Glass Replacement

If you own a modern vehicle, then it's likely that your passenger side windows, sunroof, back windshield and quarter glass are made out of tempered glass instead of laminated glass. Tempered glass was designed to improve the safety of the vehicle by breaking into smaller chunks when it is hit instead of breaking into shards, which can injure passengers. If your vehicle's glass is tempered and it is hit, then it needs to be replaced since it is designed to safely shatter on impact.

Auto Glass Protection

​Every windshield our team replaces is protected with our Windshield Protection Plan. For a small additional cost, you can purchase a Future Installation Option, which provides extra protection in case your windshield is damaged within a one-year period. As part of our extra services, we also provide new windshield wipers and Hydrophobic Coating Glass Protectant, which strengthens your glass by making it more water and scratch-resistant.

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Glass Doctor of Novi, MI, specialists are members of the Auto Glass Safety Council™, which means every one of our auto glass care specialists is trained to properly and safely repair and replace windshields using original equipment manufacturer quality glass and industry standard adhesive. If you are in need of any kind of auto glass care, then speak to one of our specialists today by contacting us at Glass Doctor of Novi, MI.