Door Closer Repair Service

The bone jarring sound of a door slamming into its frame is enough to put customers on edge. In most cases, simple door closer repair is sufficient to stop the problem and restore peace and quiet. Glass Doctor® of Novi, MI, offers a full slate of door closer repair options that will repair existing damage and prevent further issues with your door closers. Our team of experts is well-trained in every aspect of standard door closer care.

Door Closer Mechanisms

The operation of a door closer is very simple. As customer pushes or pulls the door, the door closer will allow the door to glides open. Once the customer steps through and releases the door, it will gently slide back into place. While the operation is straightforward, many small parts inside the door closer can affect efficiency and the operation of the mechanism. Without door closer repair services, minor changes in activity will lead to much bigger problems in the near future.

Common Issues

When the door closer is failing, store owners report a variety of complaints, such as:

  • The door smashes into the door frame. This sort of issues is typically caused by a door closer whose adjustment is too loose
  • The door will not close. This problem is usually a sign the closer is wound too tightly.
  • The door will not lock. As the door slams into the frame, the frame becomes warped, and the lock will not slide into its correct position.
  • The door closer is dripping oil. Lubricant in the door closer will leak whenever there is a broken seal or worn-out O-ring.

Door Closer Repair

The Glass Doctor of Novi, MI, team performs a full inspection of your door closer. For new customers, we start with an assessment of your door closer needs. A closer rated for a door far heavier or lighter than the door the closer is one will not work as intended. We also inspect the door frame for any damage that must be repaired before the door can be properly sealed.

After ensuring all of the external factors have been addressed, our specialists perform door closer repair on the mechanism. We look for any evidence of leaks or low lubricant levels; our team will replace any parts that are missing or worn out. We then open the mechanism to assure smooth operation of the internal pieces. Opening the device can void the warranty, so it is a task that should only be performed by experts.

A door that opens and closes smoothly welcomes customers into your store and helps you make a good first impression. Speak with a Glass Doctor of Novi, MI, team member today to set up your on-site consultation.