Door Closer Repair Service

There’s an open secret to attracting new customers and keeping existing customers happy. You must provide a terrific experience when they walk through the door. Door closer repair and maintenance, from the experts at Glass Doctor® of North Vancouver, is crucial to giving your customers that stellar first impression. You can always count on us for prompt service with a smile, because we’re in on the secret, too.

Proper Door Closer Function

Your manual door closer must allow customers to enter by easily opening the door, which should glide closed quietly behind them. The visitor should perceive a bit of push-back when opening your entry door, so that they can gauge how much force is needed. Then, the door should open easily with a gentle push or pull. Once the user stops pushing/pulling, your door closer’s spring should bring the door closed, restoring it to the starting position for the next visitor.

Door Closer Repairs

The following are the most common problems we correct during door closer repair:

Existing Door Closer is the Wrong Type

If your door is heavy, it must have a sturdy door closer with heavy-duty springs. If springs are too strong, they may slam the door annoyingly and cause injury or damage. An incorrect choice of door closer is a safety hazard that shortens the useful life of the closer mechanism.

Existing Door Closer was Poorly Installed and Calibrated

At Glass Doctor of North Vancouver, we use professional equipment for door closer repair, maintenance and installation. This ensures you get the maximum life from your manual door closer. Your door closer should function smoothly and almost effortlessly when serviced by our specialists. With proper installation and adjustment, we:

  • Prevent damage to the door and/or frame
  • Avoid unexpected and hazardous door movements
  • Prevent the door from becoming noisy and misaligned

Oil Level is Low or Seal Repair is Needed

Oil leakage often reveals mechanical problems with the door closer, which could include a failed seal, missing screws or cracked O-rings. A faulty seal, creates a gap and improper door clearance. When this occurs, hardware suffers excessive wear and tear, and oil leaks may result. Let our professionals replace the door closer lubricant so that doors open in a predictable, safe manner.

Locking the Door is Difficult

If it’s hard to lock the door, it could be accidentally left unlocked. At the very least, faulty locks are frustrating and inconvenient, delaying you from entering or leaving the premises. At worst, they pose a security problem. What's more, a malfunctioning lock mechanism can shorten the life of your door closer or damage the door frame.

Door Closer Requires Professional Maintenance

DIY door closer repair attempts can void your warranty. Let our well-trained specialists provide efficient, experienced door closer repair. We make sure that your door stays in excellent condition. We also repair door hinges, glass and associated hardware.

Contact Glass Doctor of North Vancouver for door closer repair today.