Window Installation and Repair Services in Muskoka, ON

Don’t let an aging or broken window compromise your home’s energy efficiency and safety. Trust Glass Doctor® of Muskoka for expert window repair and replacement services.

Your local Glass Doctor services windows in both homes and commercial buildings and can quickly get your house or building back in order.

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Window Replacement

Glass Doctor offers two types of window replacement: frame replacement and pane replacement (replacement of the actual glass). When the mechanics of a window frame are no longer working or your window pane has completely cracked or shattered, you’ll likely need a total window replacement.

In most cases, Glass Doctor of Muskoka offers same-day window glass replacement. Replacing an entire window system can take a little more time, but the technicians at Glass Doctor can keep your window and home safe until all materials are available.

Not sure if you need a complete window replacement? Contact one of our technicians, who will come out and evaluate the damage to your window. If a replacement is deemed necessary, our crew will clean the affected area of all debris and secure the area immediately. We will return to complete the job as quickly as possible.

Muskoka Window Repair

In some cases, your window frame can be repaired and doesn’t require a replacement. This may include mechanical issues like latches that have worn out after years of use.

Your Glass Doctor technician will quickly know if your window’s frame can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. If the frame and casing are rotting or damaged due to moisture, it likely can’t be repaired. But if it’s a double pane window frame that sticks easily or if a latch isn’t catching, preventing the window from locking, chances are good a repair can get the job done.

Don’t wait too long to call for a professional opinion, as the repair needed on your window could eventually turn into a total replacement situation.

Window Pane Replacement

Unfortunately, window panes are susceptible to cracks and shattering. Whether a baseball was hit through the window or an intense weather event caused the glass to break, it’s important to immediately call to get the window’s glass replaced to keep your home or building safe.

Glass Doctor technicians will clean up the broken glass, preventing any chance of loose glass cutting your skin, and can quickly replace the window pane. On most days, same-day replacement is available. If it’s not, our technicians will board-up the opening to keep your home safe and secure.

Window Installation in Central Ontario

Glass Doctor of Muskoka can also manage new window installation, allowing you to bring more natural light into your home. Don’t risk cutting an opening in your home and not being able to install a new window—it’s not an easy DIY job. Trust the professionals at Glass Doctor to help you choose a window style and walk you through the complete window installation service.

Custom Windows and Doors

We understand that not all windows are the same. In fact, some homes and buildings have custom windows and doors with intricate shapes and types of glass. No job is too big, though, for our technicians. In the event your custom window needs repair or total replacement, we can retain the style and function of your window.

Find Window Replacement and Installation Near Me

For emergency window repair and replacement—or scheduled services—in central Ontario, choose Glass Doctor of Muskoka. We offer our services in Muskoka, Bracebridge, Mactier, Utterson, and the surrounding area. Request an estimate online or call (705) 413-4364 to get started.

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