Muskoka Shower Door and Bathtub Enclosure Services

Whether you’re in the process of redesigning your bathroom or need expert repair services to prevent water from leaking out of your shower or bathtub enclosure, trust your local Glass Doctor® of Muskoka.

We offer a number of services for the glass in your bathroom, including shower door installation, replacement, repair, and customization.

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Central Ontario Shower Door and Bathtub Enclosure Installation

If you’re undertaking a complete bathroom upgrade, Glass Doctor’s shower door and bathtub enclosure installation services are perfect for the job. We frequently manage new construction and home addition projects. Our team will work closely with you to determine a solution that works with your design.

Don’t risk performing a shoddy DIY job. Leave this job to the professionals. Our technicians are expertly trained in the installation of all glass types.

Bathtub Surround and Shower Door Replacement Services

Often, our customers are replacing their current shower door or bathtub surround and need our expertise in the removal and installation of new fixtures. This could be done to give your bathroom a new look or to replace broken panels that are now leaking water onto your floor.

We can replace all styles of glass in your bathroom, including stationary panels, framed, frameless, and semi-framed.

Custom Tub Enclosure and Shower Door Design in Muskoka

No two bathrooms are alike, which is why our team is trained in the repair and replacement of custom glass in the bathroom. We’ve seen it all when it comes to tub enclosure and shower door designs.

The most common include:

  • Framed enclosure: This is a full framing that secures a thicker glass pane when compared to semi-frameless and frameless options.
  • Semi-frameless enclosure: A metal frame partially supports the glass.
  • Frameless enclosures: This is a modern look where the glass is supported by u-channels, clips, or headers.

Trust Glass Doctor of Muskoka with your custom tub enclosure and shower door design project today.

Swinging vs. Sliding Glass Shower Doors

It’s important to understand the two main types of shower doors that can be installed in your bathroom.

  • Swinging door enclosure: There’s a fixed point that allows the door to swing outwards and inwards. This type of enclosure may not be possible in all bathrooms, depending on the size and location of the shower.
  • Sliding door enclosure: Sliding tracks typically use frameless or semi-frameless styles. This style can be prone to glass breaking if the door comes off the track and is forced to open or close.

Typically used in larger, more modern bathrooms, stationary panels are glass that may be used to enclose the shower stall or bathtub. The doors on these showers don’t swing or slide open. Instead, the shower is large enough to keep water out of an opening where you enter and leave the shower. The stationary glass panels don’t move, as the name suggests.

Do You Offer Shower Door Repairs?

Glass Doctor of Muskoka offers bathroom glass repairs, but the service is limited to the non-glass elements of your doors or enclosures. This may include repairs to hinges, sliders, frames, and handles. Any broken or cracked glass panes require the total replacement of glass. We encourage homeowners to contact our team to receive a quote from one of our trained and experienced technicians.

Find Shower Door Installation Near Me

Maybe you need a repair. Maybe you simply want a fresh look. Whatever your bathroom goals are, trust the glass installation, replacement, and repair services from Glass Doctor of Muskoka. Our team services Muskoka, Bracebridge, Mactier, Utterson, and greater central Ontario. Request an estimate online or call (705) 413-4364 to get started today.

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