Door Closer Repair Service

The moment a new customer walks up to your business, he forms a first impression of the company unconsciously. A custom glass door in good working order increases the chances of the customer forming a positive first impression. Hiring Glass Doctor® of Murrieta for your commercial door closer care ensures your commercial doors operate safely at all times, protecting customers and employees.

How Door Closers Work

A manual door closer enables an individual to operate a door with ease because it eliminates the need to close the door physically behind oneself. When a door closer is installed properly, the user feels a level of resistance appropriate for the weight of the door. Once the user experiences this initial resistance, the door moves open smoothly. After the user lets go of the door handle, the door closer spring activates the arm to close smoothly until the door is back in its frame.

Door Closer Repair

Commercial doors must a variety of wear. When maintenance is not properly followed a number of issues will arise:

  • Incorrect types of door closers: The heavier the door, the stronger the door closer and door closer spring. Installing the wrong kind of closer or spring increases the risk of misalignment and harm to the spring, door or door user.
  • Improperly installed and adjusted door closers: The experts at Glass Doctor of Murrieta have ample experience in commercial door closer care. Our team uses the proper tools to install and maintain door closers, keeping them in good working order and extending their lifespan. Hiring an experienced door closer specialist for your door closer maintenance and spring adjustment is key for preventing:
    • Misalignment
    • Damage to the door frame, spring or door closer
    • Unusual or unexpected door movements
  • Seal repairs and low oil levels: Broken seals expose clearance gaps, which often result in lubricant leaks and leave hardware susceptible to damage. Typically an oil leak points to a mechanical issue with a door closer, such as failed seals, a missing screw or broken O-rings. When the oil level gets low, have a professional replace it in a timely fashion. Leaving a door closer lacking lubrication may cause the door to open or close too quickly, which may harm the door or the user.
  • Difficult to lock doors: A door that's tough to lock increases the risk of theft and vandalism for an office or retail store. It also compromises the door closure, locking mechanism and door frame.

Commercial Door Closer Care

Hiring an inexperienced individual to repair your door closer may void your warranty. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Murrieta have extensive training in installing, repairing and maintaining door closures. We also offer assistance with door frames, thresholds, hinges, glass and other door components. Schedule an on-site consultation today. While at your establishment we can check your doors and windows to ensure your working environment is operating at optimal levels.