Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Murrieta, CA

Business owners can take advantage of the Advance Measurement system we offer at Glass Doctor® of Murrieta, CA to get the fastest possible rep Murrieta air and replacement for glass damage on commercial facilities. When you enroll in the Advance Measurement system, we will send a specialist out to your facility and take measurements of windows, doors and other fixtures including glass pieces. After a detailed investigation of your site, our specialists create diagram of the facility and number all the panes. This is a great option for those looking for business recovery plan that will get their facility back to normal as quickly as possible.

Quick Repairs in Emergencies

Because we'll already have measurements of your glass fixtures, we won't need to come out to take measurements when damage occurs. In fact, all you need to do if you experience damage is let us know which pane on our diagram has been damaged. Then, we'll match it up with materials we have in stock and replace it without even needing to temporarily leave your facility boarded up. At Glass Doctor of Murrieta, CA, we know business owners don't like to leave board-ups at their sites because they can be unsightly and deter customers. That's why we created the Advance Measurement system to get repair done faster for commercial clients.

Not only is getting the materials you need faster when you're enrolled in the Advance Measurement system, but handling your bill and account is also more convenient. We'll already have your contact information on file, so we'll be able to bill you without needing to take down your details.

In-Stock Options

Some business facilities are particularly susceptible to glass damage. If you expect glass damage to happen fairly frequently, you can join our in-stock program so we'll always have the materials you need to have your glass fixtures repaired.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

  • Time savings: With the Advance Measurement system, repairs can be accomplished in only one visit.
  • Safety: Potential for injury is minimized thanks to fast repairs.
  • Security: Window damage can make a business a target for burglars if it's not repaired right away.
  • Speed:There's no faster way to get commercial window glass repairs.
  • Appearance:Keep your facility looking great all the time by quickly fixing up glass damage.
  • Convenience:Get back to business with minimal interruptions.

To learn more, contact us for advice regarding your business recovery plan.