What is Your Windshield IQ?

What is your windshield IQ? Your windshield is one of the most important features in your car. Not only does it protect you from bugs, dirt, and debris but also provides structural integrity to your car. In a recent article written by Bloomberg which can be found here they identify five major safety functions your windshield performs. And some of the answers may surprise you.


Visibility.Obviously, your windshield is supposed to provide excellent visibility. Gone are the days where goggles are needed to help drive cars. Your windshield helps to protect you and your family from dirt and debris. Be sure to keep those windshields clean!


Support. Did you know that your windshield actually helps support the passenger side air bag? It's true. Your windshield helps support your passenger side air bag during deployment in case of an accident. If a windshield is not replaced properly, the windshield could fall out during an accident and the air bag wouldn't deploy properly comprising your safety.


Structure. Windshields are made of two layers of glass sandwiched around a polyvinyl layer. What does this mean for you? Well if you were ever thrown forward from your car, your windshield will cushion the blow. Your windshield is able to do this because of that polyvinyl layer in the center. The polyvinyl layer is flexible and although the glass will crack there will be some give once contact with the polyvinyl layer is made.


Safety. Although your windshield is made of glass, it still acts a barrier for your protection. A properly installed windshield can help keep you and your family in your car during an accident.


Technology. Car designs change all the time, but what is common about these changes has to do with how much structural integrity gets placed on the windshield. It used to be that in older car designs you had the classic steel A frame that supported the roof of the car. Nowadays, it is the windshield itself that provides most of the structural support during rollovers. Yes, during a rollover your windshield provides a bulk of the support!

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