Commercial Door Closer Service

Every customer that enters your business must pass through your front door. Great customer service begins with a door that smoothly opens, so it makes sense to keep your door closer well maintained. Door closer care services from Glass Doctor® of Morehead City, NC ensure the safety of your door and all who pass through it.

How Door Closers Work

A manual door closer is a simple device that does an important job. It allows any individual to easily open your door without having to physically close it. If your door closer is properly installed and well maintained, the user should feel a bit of resistance, only enough to get a sense of its weight, while opening the door. After he or she passes through, a spring in the door closer returns the door gently to its frame.

Door Closer Repair

It is important that only a trained professional adjusts your door closer. At Glass Doctor of Morehead City, NC, we offer door closer services that ensure your manual door closer's continued functionality. In addition to making sure you have the right kind of door closer installed; our service professionals will carefully inspect your door closer for problems, including misalignments and damage to the door closer, doorframe, or the door itself.

Improperly Installed and Adjusted Door Closers

Our experts are specifically trained in door closer maintenance and repair. We use specialized tools to test and adjust your door closer, helping to maximize its lifespan and keep it in good working order. Our professional door closer care services are vital to preventing:

  • Door and door frame damage
  • Abnormal or unexpected door movements
  • Door closer misalignment
  • Potential injury to customers
  • Locking issues due to misaligned door closers

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

Our service professionals check the lubricant levels and look for broken seals, which are often related to oil leaks and low lubrication. Broken seals expose the internal hardware in your door closer, leaving it vulnerable. Oil leaks often indicate a mechanical problem, such as a missing screw, broken O-ring, or failed seals. Our service professionals investigate these issues and restore oil levels in your door closer. Our professionals work to help your door continue to glide open smoothly.

Professional maintenance helps prevent damage to your door and avoids potential injury to the user. To avoid voiding your warranty or causing further damage to the door closer mechanism, do not allow an untrained individual to attempt door closer repairs. Contact Glass Doctor of Morehead City, NC today for professional door closer maintenance services.