Advance Measurement System

Including glass repair and replacement in your business recovery plan is much easier when you enroll in our Advance Measurement system. We are dedicated to efficiency and personalized service for your company’s glass solution needs. With Advance Measurement, our experts create a special diagram that lists the location, size and type of all the glass in your facility. A quick call to Glass Doctor® of Morehead City, NC when glass damage occurs is all it takes to initiate speedy and accurate repair or replacement service.

Faster Emergency Repairs

It’s crucial to keep your facility safe and secure and to avoid the disruption of business flow regardless of the time or day. Glass damage or breakage doesn’t have to be debilitating to your business when your company participates in Advanced Measurement. A call to one of our experts allows them to match the damaged glass with your company’s diagram quickly shortening the wait for repairs. A professional repair is completed in one visit if the required glass is in stock saving you both time and money. In the event the glass you need is not in stock, our specialists perform an emergency board up to protect your facility from further risk of exposure.

In-Stock Options

Consider our in-stock glass options if your facility has glass that is susceptible to frequent damage. We’ll gladly order and stock the glass you need more often to further increase the timeliness of repair and replacement when glass damage occurs. Talk to one of our dedicated specialists today about pre-establishing company contact information and credit terms.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

  • Savings: Saves you time and money with complete repair or replacement in one trip
  • Security: Reduces exposure to vandalism, theft and outside elements
  • Convenience: Service when you need it without the wait
  • Liability: Diminishes the risk of injury to customers and employees
  • Image: Maintains the visual appeal of your facility and reduces unnecessary emergency board ups
  • Account Set-up: Pre-establishes company credit and contact information to save time and ensure billing accuracy

Call Glass Doctor of Morehead City, NC today to find out more about adding Advance Measurement to your business recovery plan.