Storefront Doors

Your storefront sends a message to everyone who passes your shop. A well-designed entryway says your business is professional, modern, trendy, elegant, or even exciting. At Glass Doctor® of South Bend, IN , we understand the power of first impressions. That’s why we offer a complete line of glass products and professional storefront door repair services that allow you to present the first impression that's right for your business.

Storefront Door Services

Door Repair

Your front door is the gateway to your business, a focal point of your building exterior and an information resource for potential customers. It's also your first line of security for protecting customers and employees from outside perils. A broken door, a boarded up window or a malfunctioning closer sends the message you don't care about your business. That's why it's important to have storefront door repair completed immediately. Our glass professionals understand the urgency. They respond quickly with quality repair options to restore your doors so your business can get back to normal.

Door Replacement

When repairs are sufficient to revive your storefront, we handle them quickly and economically. But when damage makes complete restoration necessary or you simply want a change, we offer a variety of solutions. Here are a few of the options our professionals use to increase you door functionality while maintaining the look you want.

  • Decorative storefront doors to enhance your look
  • Bulletproof windows and door glass panels for protection
  • Hurricane-impact safety glass for strength during adverse weather
  • Fire-resistant glass to withstand heat
  • Tempered glass, which minimizes danger by breaking into chunks instead of shards
  • Custom glass with your company name, logo, address and business hours etched into the pane

Security Film

For increased safety and security, Glass Doctor of South Bend, IN adds security film to your existing door glass. Tinted film allows natural sunlight inside while keeping harmful rays out. Security film adheres to door glass and windows. When it breaks, the shards remain intact and don’t present a safety hazard to products and customers. Security film also adds flexible strength that makes it difficult for weather, intruders or other outside forces to break through.

24-Hour Emergency Services

Glass emergencies require immediate attention, but they don’t always occur during business hours. Our glass professionals understand, so we are proud to provide the services you need when you need them. We respond to your glass emergency day or night. We clean up your debris, board up your damaged windows, order your glass and complete your repairs as soon as possible. When we have your glass in stock, we install it immediately.

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When you require storefront door repair or a complete entryway upgrade, Glass Doctor of South Bend, IN provides the products and services you need. It's easy to get started. Contact us at 574-401-8441 to schedule a consultation or more information.