Industry Glass Solutions

As a business owner, you need to ensure your facilities stay in good repair. Glass Doctor® of South Bend, IN offers industry glass repair, replacement, upgrade and remodeling services to local businesses. From door closers to windows, our specialists are well qualified to keep your facilities looking and functioning at an optimal level. Our Commercial Care program streamlines our service and response time, offering the following benefits:

  • Priority response, even at night or on the weekends
  • Discounts on emergency board-up work, as well as all other work performed
  • Commercial account set up for faster service, easier billing and streamlined communication
  • Discounts on auto glass work called in by the property

We have experience with a wide variety of industry glass repair, replacement and upgrades, including work with the following industries:

Apartments and Condominiums

Our specialists will help increase the safety of your common areas, such as pools, gyms, showers and locker rooms. We offer safety glass and backing for mirrors to protect your tenants and shield you from potential liability. We also offer a wide array of custom glass solutions to make your units more attractive to prospective tenants, including windows, patio doors and sliding doors.

apartment windows


In addition to being easy to clean, glass is resistant to stains, wear and tear, so it’s perfect for many restaurant uses. Our specialty glass allows your food service areas to operate smoothly and efficiently with sliding drive-up windows or sneeze guards. We’ll also transform your outdoor areas with sliding doors, windbreaks and partitions that create a comfortable, enticing outside dining area.

Schools and Universities

We understand that safety is paramount in any school, so we’ll install one-way observation office glass as well as fire-resistant glass where you need it, including living quarters. We also offer attractive glass decor, such as tabletops and display cases, which can be custom-made to suit your exact needs and space.


We’ll custom design and install glass products that show your merchandise off to its best advantage in shelves and display cases. In addition, we’ll also help your business stay safer with fire-resistant and bulletproof glass windows or doors.

Hotels and Motels

If your hotel or motel has older windows, your energy bills could be far higher than necessary. We’ll suggest insulated glass units (IGUs) that will allow you to save money while improving the appearance of your property. We also have many custom shower and tub enclosures that enhance the bathrooms in your units, offering an immediately upgraded appearance in an area that matters to guests.

Cities and Municipalities

Every city and municipality is expected to provide excellent service in well-maintained buildings, but many are faced with tight budgets. We’ll add energy-efficient windows and keep your buildings running smoothly with our commercial door closer service. We understand that you need the work done quickly and to the highest level so the public can continue to enter and leave easily and safely.

Glass Doctor of South Bend, IN is happy to help your business with your industry glass repair and door closer service needs. Like you, we’re a local company, so we understand your needs. Count on us to help improve the appearance, safety and function of your business. To find out exactly how we can help your business, schedule an appointment with us today.