Advance Measurement System

An important part of strategic planning for any business involves disaster recovery preparations. Make sure you have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that includes proactive glass care services designed to return your operation to normal as soon as possible. The Glass Doctor® of South Bend, IN 's Advance Measurement system offers commercial enterprises the ability to incorporate emergency glass repair and replacement services into their disaster recovery plans. Allow our trained staff to take care of your emergency glass repair needs.

Fast and Efficient Emergency Repairs

Upon joining the Glass Doctor of South Bend, IN Advanced Measurement program, our glass service specialists will complete a diagram of your facility, which includes a measurement of all glass panes in doors, windows and other glass items. In addition, the diagram will contain the type of glass needed, building code requirements for safety glass and the location of each pane. When glass breakage occurs, day or night, call our office to report the number of the damaged glass from the diagram. We will match the number with the listings in our survey. If we have the glass in our inventory, our glass experts will replace the damaged pane immediately and avoid a board up.

Installation of the glass in a single visit saves you time and money and eliminates the need for boarding up the damaged area. Other features of the Advance Measurement plan includes pre-approved credit and storage of contact information, which speeds up the glass replacement process.

In-Stock Options

If you have certain glass that has a high propensity for damage, consider enhancing your Advance Measurement membership with our In-Stock program. Your membership allows you to pre-order this glass. The program provides you the assurance that Glass Doctor of South Bend, IN will always have the glass you require for quick repairs.

Advantages of Advance Measurement

The benefits of our Advance Measurement program clearly outweigh your cost and include:

  • Savings: Glass installation in one trip
  • Convenience: Damaged glass will not interfere with daily business operations
  • Liability: Mitigate potential risk of injury to employees and customers
  • Security: Reduce further exposure to vandalism, theft and the elements
  • Expedience: Eliminates ugly board ups
  • Image: Maintain positive store image
  • Credit: Pre-established credit eliminates possible billing conflicts and delays

Proactive glass care ensures that you have emergency glass services in place before the need arises. Contact Glass Doctor of South Bend, IN to arrange for an advance measurement inspection today.