Security Film

As part of a business’ façade, glass windows don't only serve as protection from the elements and possible theft or vandalism, glass frames and showcases your products and services. A great storefront adds to the energy efficiency of the building and allows natural light into the interior of your shop.

Large or multiple windows can lead to higher temperatures inside the building during the summer, ultimately resulting in higher energy costs. Windows also create glare, which can become a real issue inside your commercial location. Damaging UV rays from the sun have the potential to damage delicate or wooden products, floors, furniture, carpeting and other fabrics.

The commercial experts at Glass Doctor® of Mishawaka offer a wide range of security, solar and decorative window films that will benefit your business. In addition to providing sun control, UV protection and window tinting*, security films increase comfort levels and overall energy savings, reduce glare and increase safety levels.

Protect your Property

As an area business, the team at Glass Doctor of Mishawaka is well aware of the personal commitment and financial investment owning a business entails. We also know that protecting that business, your employees and your customers is your first priority. Security film on the glass doors and windows of your business forms the first line of defense against both natural and man-made threats. If breakage does occur, security film helps to hold the glass together slowing access to your business.

Here are some of the additional benefits you’ll realize by installing security film at your location:

  • Window tinting offers greater control over levels of privacy
  • Protection of window glazing during breakage**
  • Low-cost graffiti damage removal, only the film needs to be replaced

Adding tinted film to your business does not mean plunging your interior into near-darkness. Glass Doctor of Mishawaka offers sunlight redirecting film that will help utilize, not block, natural light. Our experts will be happy to provide you with an on-site consultation in order to discuss your options and aesthetic preferences. We’ll also provide you with examples of our line of decorative window styles, which can give your business the look of etched glass at a fraction of the cost. Contact our team today to schedule a professional consultation.

*Each state has specific regulations governing commercial window tinting and the visible light transmission (VLT) levels.

** Window film alone will not protect against high winds or wind-blown debris.