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Heavy Machinery Glass

Farming equipment utilizes glass as an essential safety feature to protect the user from flying debris as well as chemicals and the elements. It's vital to use heavy, durable glass to withstand harsh conditions day after day and to ensure compliance with U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. Glass needs to be kept in good shape, and when it breaks, workers should refrain from using the affected equipment, according to OSHA. To ensure that you and your workers stay safe, and your machinery stays ready to use, trust Glass Doctor® of Mishawaka for all your heavy equipment glass care needs.

Heavy Equipment Glass Care

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Keeping the glass in good repair ensures you and your workers can safely use your equipment and that your farm or other operation doesn't lose time or money. Even a small crack makes an entire pane vulnerable to further damage and compromises its strength. Our specialists are well equipped and trained to perform heavy equipment glass repair and replacement work at the highest level. We'll carefully check the damage to see if a repair will restore the glass to its former strength or if a replacement is required. Determining the type of care depends on where the chip or crack is located, how deep and extensive the damage is, and how long the damage has existed. Cracks and chips that have dirt and debris embedded into them over time are more difficult to repair successfully.

Our specialists always perform repairs when this option is capable of restoring your glass to its former strength, safety, and clarity. When a replacement is necessary, we use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass to save you money while ensuring that your new glass is as safe and durable as what was originally installed. Also, we know that heavy equipment is hard to transport, so we'll come to your location to perform glass repair and replacement. Performing our services on site saves you time and enables you to get your equipment back to normal operations as soon as possible.

Custom Industrial Glass

Glass Doctor of Mishawaka has a variety of custom industrial glass options to suit your exact needs, including products that provide the following benefits:

  • Extra durability with leak-proof glass that's also able to withstand pressure
  • Added safety with laminated and tempered glass that breaks into smooth chunks rather than sharp shards
  • Noise-reduction
  • Blocking of the sun's harsh UV rays
  • Quick de-fogging or de-icing
  • Holes installed for blades, latches, and handles

Clear Choice for Heavy Machinery

Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex Home Glass Services

Our specialists are also able to apply a glass protectant, Clear Choice, that was developed especially for Glass Doctor. It makes glass retain a clearer appearance in rainy weather in addition to making it resistant to scratches, chemicals, and minor impacts. Clear Choice also makes glass less likely to develop a buildup of minerals that interfere with its clarity. With just one professional application, your heavy machinery's glass will be protected for up to five years.

Glass Care You Can Trust

To ensure that your farming machinery's glass stays in good condition and provides the safety and protection you need, schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor of Mishawaka. We'll report to your farm or other job site and provide heavy equipment glass care according to the highest professional standards and without delaying your operations.