Door Closer Repair Service

Malfunctioning doors are not just frustrating for your customers; they can be dangerous as well. When your storefront doors are difficult to open, close too quickly or have other issues, customers can become irritated or injured before they even make it inside. Make sure your business doors are properly installed and maintained with professional door closer care from Glass Doctor® of South Bend, IN .

How Manual Door Closers Work

When a manual door closer is correctly installed and properly maintained, it will enable your customers to open the door with ease. As the door is first opened, the closer will provide a slight resistance before gliding smoothly to an open position. Once your customer passes through the door and releases the pressure, the door closer spring works with the mechanism's arm to guide the door to a safe, gentle closed position. If your business doors aren't functioning as described, it may be time to contact one of our specialists for door closer care.

Common Door Closer Issues

If you notice that your business doors are hard to open, do not glide smoothly, are closing too quickly or too slowly, or have become misaligned, door closer repair may be in order. Our team will diagnosis the problem and offer solutions.

Incorrect types of door closers: Heavier doors require more heavy duty style door closers than lighter weight doors. If the wrong type of door closer has been installed, your business door may open and close too fast or too slow, leading to possible misalignment, damage to the door or door frame and even injuries.

Incorrectly installed or adjusted door closers: Correct installation and adjustment of doors and door closers are key for optimal performance. Be sure to have one of our experienced experts complete the installation of your commercial door closers to ensure that they remain in excellent working order and your customers stay safe. Professional installation and adjustment is helpful in preventing:

  • Damage to the door or door frame
  • Abnormal or unexpected door movement
  • Misalignment

Seals and lubrication: Damaged seals can result in hardware vulnerability, gaps and even lubricant leaks. Lubricant leaks can also be caused by broken o-rings or missing screws. When the door closer is not properly lubricated, it may move too slowly or too quickly which could result in damage to the door, the frame or injuries for your customer.

Difficult to lock: If your business door has become difficult to lock, the security of your business could be at risk. Without prompt door closer care from one of our specialists, the door frame, door closer or locking mechanism itself could become damaged.

Professional Door Closer Care

Don't trust the installation and maintenance of your commercial door closers to just anyone. Call Glass Doctor of South Bend, IN today.