Windshield Repair and Replacement

When your vehicle's windshield suffers damage, especially if that damage is substantial, the structural integrity of your car and the safety of its occupants can be compromised. Therefore, it is vital that you contact the professional glass specialists at Glass Doctor® of Millersburg Ohio as soon as you notice a cracked, chipped or broken windshield. Our team of highly trained glass specialists is well versed in all types of auto glass care including both windshield repair and windshield replacement, so you can rest assured that you will receive the service you need from professionals you can trust.

Windshield Repair or Replacement

While we strive to repair damaged windshields in lieu of replacing them whenever possible, sometimes complete windshield replacement is the only solution. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Millersburg Ohio consider several factors in order to determine whether your windshield can be repaired or if replacement is required.

  • Size: In most cases, cracks that measure more than three inches long and chips larger than 3/8 inch will require complete windshield replacement. 
  • Location: Chips or cracks that are located directly in the driver's line of vision will typically indicate a need for windshield replacement because repairs don't always cure clearly and can leave an outline in the area that was damaged. Additionally, cracks that are located near the edge of the windshield will generally cause your windshield to need replacement service.
  • Timespan: Over time, dirt and debris build up in damaged areas, making successful windshield repair difficult. Windshields with older damage often need to be replaced. 

Contact our experienced glass specialists today to help you determine the best solution for your damaged auto glass.

Windshield Repair

The specialists at Glass Doctor of Millersburg Ohio recommend windshield repair instead of complete windshield replacement whenever possible because of the various advantages:

  • Convenience: When you elect to have your windshield repaired, the specialists at Glass Doctor of Millersburg Ohio respond to your location and complete your repairs within about an hour.
  • Cost: Repairing your windshield is significantly less expensive than complete windshield replacement.
  • Insurance Advantages Advantages: Many insurance companies will actually waive your deductible and will cover the entire cost of windshield repair.
  • Environmentally Responsible: Electing repair over replacement helps reduce waste.

When you contact the specialists at Glass Doctor of Millersburg Ohio to repair your damaged windshield, our team will begin by removing any dirt and debris from the cracked or chipped location. Next, a special repair resin is injected into the crack or chip. The resin is then cured and polished to create a clear finish.

Windshield Replacement

When it is determined that windshield replacement is a better solution, it is vital that you contact the specialists at Glass Doctor of Millersburg Ohio as quickly as possible. Windshields are essential to passenger safety. Our highly skilled team of glass specialists will begin by removing your damaged windshield carefully to avoid damaging the paint and bonding surface. Damage to these areas can cause leaks and corrosion, so proper removal is paramount. Once your old windshield is removed, our team will install a windshield that matches the original equipment manufacturer's quality. We seal the perimeter with industry leading adhesives. The adhesives are then allowed to cure and you can be back on the road in about an hour.

Regardless of the windshield care you need, our specialists will deliver the area's best service. Contact our team today to set up a consultation!