Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

A glass shower door can add a touch of elegance to any bathroom and create a truly stunning look. You can elevate your bathroom to a whole new level and increase the value of your home with a simple glass shower door or tub enclosure. Choose among a variety of styles, from simple framed doors to more elaborate, heavy glass doors. No matter what design you decide on, you will be amazed at how affordable it can be to completely transform your bathroom and turn it into a bright and inviting oasis.

Glass Doctor® of Millersburg specializes in home glass projects. Our specialists will help you through the entire project, from choosing a design and deciding on a budget to preparing for installation. We will even provide suggestions for post-installation maintenance. Before you have your new shower door or tub enclosure installed, there are a few things to consider during the design phase.


In some cases, the material used to construct your bathroom walls will determine your design options. Tile walls may be able to handle a higher weight capacity than drywall. Locating supporting studs will also give you a better idea of the maximum weight your walls can safely handle. 

Shower Heads

You may have to replace your existing shower head and choose an option that will not spray above and beyond the tub or shower enclosure. Water should not be able to reach outside the enclosure even when the doors are open.


The best way to ensure a smooth installation process is to schedule a measurement appointment with our glass specialists. They will visit your home, take measurements for your enclosure and provide you with an accurate price estimate that includes the cost of both materials and installation.


Proper ventilation is another important component of a successful installation project. You want to make sure that moisture can escape, to prevent mold growth and paint damage. Our experts at Glass Doctor of Millersburg will conduct a thorough evaluation of your existing ventilation system and make suggestions for improvements.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

Get inspiration for your bathroom renovation project. We provide a variety of tools that are sure to kick your imagination into high gear. Check out these different services:

Ready to begin installing your new shower doors? Call Glass Doctor of Millersburg today! Our glass specialists will visit your home, offer expert advice and help you design the perfect glass shower door or tub enclosure for your home and your budget.