Advance Measurement System

No one likes to dwell on worst-case scenarios, but when it comes to your business, a little planning and preparation can make all the difference. The Advanced Measurement system from Glass Doctor® of Millersburg Ohio allows you to implement a proactive glass care plan and better manage disaster recovery.

Faster Emergency Repairs

We make glass care simple. A glass specialist will visit your facility and take careful measurements of any and all glass panes and surfaces throughout the building. This information will be used to create a detailed diagram where every piece of glass receives an identifying number.

This simple diagram will provide an invaluable tool with disaster strikes. When you experience a break, no matter what time of day or night, simply call and report the number of the pane according to the diagram. That will be enough for our glass specialists to know the exact size and specifications of the pane the needs to be replaced.

Ideally, your glass will be in-stock and ready to be installed. There will be no need for a board-up and your repair can be completed immediately. This system saves you time and money and helps keep your business up and running. You can further expedite the repair process by pre-establishing credit and contact information for even faster service.

In-Stock Options

To ensure quick repair times, take advantage of our in-stock program. This provides another way to be practice proactive glass care and preparedness. If you experience frequent breaks, be sure to ask a Glass Doctor of Millersburg Ohio specialist about the program.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

Take a common sense approach to glass care. Our team will save your business from the stress of extended repair by allowing us to complete the entire repair process in a single visit. This convenient solution allows you to continue business as usual without having to worry about costly downtime. It also helps secure your building and protect it from theft and vandalism. With quick repair times, you won't have to worry about board-ups that may turn potential customers away. Participants also enjoy a smooth and hassle free billing process by pre-establishing credit.

Taking a few simple steps towards proactive glass care makes your business quickly recover in the event of a disaster. Call Glass Doctor of Millersburg Ohio today to learn more about our available programs and how we can help serve you and your business.