Door Closer Repair Service

When customers choose your business, you want them to feel welcome the moment they walk in the door. At Glass Doctor® of Millersburg Ohio, we believe a well-maintained door provides the welcoming first impression your customers deserve. We offer professional door closer repair and maintenance services to make sure your door opens smoothly and closes gently every time.

How Door Closers Work

A door closer is a simple manual system which enables a person to open a heavy door with minimal effort. Upon pushing the door, there's a slight resistance, then it glides open smoothly. After your customer moves beyond the entryway, a closer spring causes the mechanism to gently return the door to its closed position.

Door Closer Repair

The professionals at Glass Doctor of Millersburg Ohio provide a range of services to keep your doors functioning efficiently. We upgrade your entranceways with new closers. We maintain your existing door closers, make necessary adjustments and identify any conditions that need to be repaired. No matter the cause of your door issues, we are prepared to solve them.

Incorrect Door Closers

A heavy door needs a strong closer to function smoothly. It should fit properly and have durable springs to handle the weight. If the closer installed on your door was designed to handle a lighter load, it won't perform the way it should.

Improperly Installed and Adjusted Door Closers

When you spend your time and effort selecting the perfect door for your business premises, you want it to work properly. If your initial door closer installation is done incorrectly, it can lead to doorframe damage, door misalignment and other problems.

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

Like any mechanical device, a door closer needs maintenance and may require door closer repair to function correctly. Worn or damaged seals cause lubricant leaks and clearance gaps. Screws become displaced and O-rings wear out. These and other conditions may cause quick or hard closings and other door safety issues.

Locking Difficulties

When you lock your door at night, you want it to be a simple doubt-free process. If your lock doesn't engage properly, uncertainty over building safety and security can destroy your peace of mind. If you must force your door and lock into place, the effort can further damage your door and doorframe.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

At Glass Doctor or Millersburg Ohio, we perform professional door closer repair and maintenance that doesn't put your warranty at risk. Our specialists have extensive training and experience to provide a range of installation, repair and maintenance services for doorframes, hinges, thresholds and door glass. We rely on quality door closer parts, specialized tools and professional skills to do the job right.

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At Glass Doctor or Millersburg Ohio, we make it easy to keep your door closers functioning smoothly and safely. To schedule a consultation, visit our appointment page or call us at 330-473-1108 for more information.