Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors have the potential to transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary one. Custom mirrors add aesthetic appeal to the space without sacrificing your wallet or floor space. Friends, family and visitors are sure to be impressed with this addition to any room in your home. Glass Doctor® of Millersburg Ohio is always focused on providing our clients with customized solutions which fit their particular needs, style and budget.

The Advantages of Custom Mirrors

The Illusion of Space

Mirrors placed in strategic positions allow you to make your small space feel much larger by reflecting the other surfaces of your home. Custom mirrors create an inviting atmosphere, beckoning visitors inside to explore their surroundings. Our glass specialists are seasoned experts at placing mirrors in strategic locations and can advise you on the best ways to accentuate your space. Some of the design recommendations our experts may make include:

  • Mirrored walls: Small walls or hallways appear much bigger with strategically placed mirrors.
  • Mirrored backsplash: Add depth to a kitchen with a mirrored backsplash which is also easier to clean.

Illuminate Your Space

Custom mirrors reflect light and bounce it off one surface onto another. Use our sophisticated mirrors to spread light throughout your space to make it warmer and more inviting. Place mirrors in rooms with windows to bounce the natural light around. Place them in rooms which are not equipped with windows to help spread the artificial light in a seamless manner. Consider the following options to enhance the natural and artificial light in your space:

  • Mounted mirrors: Use mounted mirrors to illuminate your space with the help of desk lamps and other sources of light.
  • Hanging mirrors: Place a hanging mirror directly across from a window to help brighten the rest of the space.
  • Mirrored tabletops: Light reflects from your glass surfaces with the addition of mirrored tabletops.

Accentuate Your Belongings

Although custom mirrors are often beautiful statement pieces, they also help reflect the beauty of your existing decor. Our skilled glass experts cut and install nearly any mirror or glass surface you need to make the most of your space. Accentuate your home's features and arts with some of the following suggestions:

  • Tiled or framed mirrors: Highlight the architectural details and contours of your home with tiled or framed mirrors.Hanging mirrors: Strategically placed hanging mirrors elegantly fill a space comprised of your beautiful art.
  • Mirrored shelves: The shelves become part of your art display, reflecting a 360-degree panoramic view of your favorite pieces.
  • Framed mirrors: Place a framed mirror behind framed photos or art to provide greater depth and sophistication.

The Trusted Source for Bespoke Mirrors

Our custom mirrors elevate any interior space and add value to your home. Don't delay personalizing your space, Glass Doctor of Millersburg Ohio specialists will enhance the beauty of your home. Contact us for a preliminary appointment. Our glass specialists will schedule a free consultation at your convenience to share our ideas and take detailed measurements to get your home improvement project started.