Industry Glass Solutions

When you manage an industrial building, it's important to have a dependable commercial glass care partner. At Glass Doctor® of Middletown NY, we provide the services you need. Our specialists install, maintain and repair a wide range of glass products that add beauty and functionality to your buildings. Our commercial door closer services keep your entryway doors operating smoothly. We provide emergency commercial glass care service when and where you need it.

Our Commercial Care Program

When you choose to work with the Glass Doctor of Middletown NY, we strive to deliver top-notch care. Consider joining our Commercial Care program to gain access to members-only benefits that enhance our high-quality commercial glass care service.

  • Preferential after-hours response
  • Board-up discounts
  • Member pricing
  • Business account set up
  • 15% auto glass repair savings for member property residents

Glass Care for Every Business

Apartments and Condominiums

Glass design elements give your properties a modern look that attracts the residents you seek. We maintain your beautiful windows, doors and entryways by providing top-of-the-line products and consistent service. We improve your properties with energy efficient windows, decorative bathroom options and custom glass and mirror decor. Residents receive a 15% discount on auto glass repairs called in from your properties.

apartment windows


Glass windows, doors and coordinated entryways give your restaurant a contemporary look that brings diners to your door. We offer the traditional and custom glass options that enhance your image and add restaurant functionality. Our specialists install plate glass and specialty glass windows that allow your guests to view outside without experiencing temperature exchange. We install sneeze guards to improve salad bar and buffet cleanliness and drive-up windows that offer a convenient solution for your dine-on-the-go clientele.

Schools and Universities

As a school or university administrator, you may manage classrooms, offices, labs and residential spaces. We understand your unique requirements and offer the installation, repair, maintenance and customization solutions you need. We install fire-resistant glass, one-way observation glass, and other specialty products that increase school security. We customize glass tabletops to protect furniture and we create custom display cases to showcase school achievements. Our safety mirrors and custom tub and shower enclosures improve residential and common area bathrooms.


Your retail location should be as unique as your business. We make your more attractive with the addition of plate glass windows, inviting storefront door panes, window etching, and custom glass and mirror decor. We upgrade store safety and security with tempered glass, bullet-resistant glass and other specialty options. For your unique display system, we create glass or mirror cases and shelves with custom dimensions, weight and edge treatments.

Hotels and Motels

Glass elements and decor give your buildings the look your guests appreciate and the functionality they need. We repair and maintain glass doors, windows, and entryways to keep them functioning and looking the way they should. We install specialty glass and mirror options to upgrade common areas and guest rooms with improved beauty and security. We also customize mirrors and tub and shower enclosures to beautify private baths and workout rooms.

Cities and Municipalities

Damaged, aged and broken windows and doors cause security and safety issues. These issues makes glass maintenance a priority for public buildings. Our commercial glass care and door closer services resolve existing issues and prevent new problems. When it's time for a new look, we create custom entryways and windows or replace your existing panes with specialty glass that enhances building safety, security and energy efficiency. We also offer new construction, remodeling and expedited purchase orders for cities and municipalities.

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At Glass Doctor of Middletown NY, we make it simple to choose the right industry glass solutions for your business. Visit our appointment page to schedule a consultation or call us at (845) 343-4611 for more information.