Double Pane Windows

Your home is designed to protect you from the external elements. Over time, these extreme weather changes can weigh heavily on the windows of your home, which are the top source for energy exchange on any structure.

If your windows are not properly sealed, your home may be regularly exchanging your controlled air for drafts. This exchange can cause your heating and cooling bills to increase, which means your windows are leaking money.

Glass Doctor® of Middletown NY provides insulated glass units (IGUs) to help regulate and balance your interior climate. However, double pane windows (a type of IGU) cannot properly insulate your home if the seals are broken. Trust our team to restore or replace your window panes to reinforce their insulating ability.

Gain the Benefits of insulated Glass

Insulated glass is designed to make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable by keeping the heat and cold out. In the summer, IGUs minimize heat gain from the exterior of your home. During the winter, these innovative solutions reduce heat transmittance through your windows and help to keep a consistent temperature throughout your home. As a result of this reduction of energy exchange, your heating system and air conditioning should run less, which saves you money, energy and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Insulated Glass Design

double pane window

Insulated glass units are made with a minimum of two pieces of glass. They include an insulating spacer, which is tasked with sealing the space between the two pieces of glass and separating the panes. These spacers are typically filled with a super spacer or a special moisture-absorbing material, which is called a desiccant.

The outside or perimeter of the IGU is securely sealed with a high-grade sealant. The sealant is designed to prevent moisture and condensation from building up between the panes. Many IGUs feature krypton or argon gas in the airspace for extra insulation.

Double Pane Window Replacement

If you have a double pane window with a damaged or broken seal, it's imperative to have your IGUs replaced. A few of the most common signs of a broken seal are condensation under the panes or a milky appearance.

The experts at Glass Doctor of Middletown NY specialize in providing cost-effective solutions for double pane windows. In many instances, we are able to use the lowest cost option instead of replacing the entire window. Trust the experts at Glass Doctor of Middletown NY to install IGU replacements in your existing frames for a reasonable cost. Call Glass Doctor of Middletown NY at (845) 343-4611 today for a fast and cost-effective solution.