Advance Measurement System

Your business' emergency plans should also protect your glass. That's why Glass Doctor® of Middletown NY offers a comprehensive Advance Measurement system to prepare you for any glass damage.

Our Method for Emergency Care

Once you enroll in the Advance Measurement program, our glass specialists will survey your business. We will measure all of glass panes, including doors, windows, mirrors and display cases. We'll record the type of glass required for each pane, as well as any safety code requirements. With this information, we'll create a numbered diagram of all the panes in your facility. This diagram will be kept on file at our shop, and we will give a copy to you.

Proactive Glass Care

When your glass breaks, contact us and tell us the number on the diagram that corresponds with the broken pane. If we have a matching pane in-stock, we'll replace the glass immediately. This one-trip-fix saves you time and money. What's more, when you sign onto this proactive glass care plan, you establish contact and credit info with us, which further speeds up the replacement process.

In-Stock Options

If certain panes in your business break frequently, let us know. We can pre-order the panes and keep them in stock, so we have them on hand whenever you need. We will set these panes aside, so they are on-hand exclusively for your business.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

Signing up for our Advance Measurement system provides you with many benefits. When a glass specialist is able to install your glass in one trip your business benefits. You won't experience any interruptions from the damage and you won't need to worry about the confusion a board-up can cause. You'll reduce the risk of customer and employee injury, thanks to our rapid response, and your business will be less prone to further vandalism or theft. What's more, pre-establishing credit information with our office eliminates the potential for billing conflicts and other headaches.

Don't wait until your glass breaks to take action. Contact Glass Doctor of Middletown NY today about our Advance Measurement plan and take the first step toward protecting your business.