Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

It is impossible to be comfortable in your own home when a window is broken. In addition to making your home vulnerable to invasion, a broken window prevents you from being able to maintain a reasonable indoor climate. The experts at Glass Doctor® of Middletown NY understand the importance of your windows for your home's comfort and security. That's why we're here to repair your glass in an emergency. We will provide you with a quick, complete professional emergency glass repair for any window or glass door in your home. You can also take advantage of this service if you run a business. When we show up, the only goal of our glass specialists will be to make your indoor space safe again. To ensure this, our glass specialists will provide you with repairs that follow the industry's best practices.

24/7 Access to Emergency Service

Glass can break for any reason at any hour. These incidents won't wait for business hours to occur. You shouldn't have to wait until the morning or next weekday to feel safe. That's why we offer you 24/7 emergency glass repair service. You won't be forced to wait for care. We will repair your home to restore your security.

The Emergency Glass Repair Process

Once our glass specialist arrives, the emergency glass repair process will immediately begin. First, we will clear the site of the damage of any debris and glass shards. Then, we will repair glass window or door. If your glass is beyond repair, then we will fully seal the window or glass door, and schedule an appointment to provide you with a standard glass replacement. If you prefer, we can rush order your replacement panes.

Specialized Glass Repair Service

Our glass specialists are capable of repairing any broken glass, including custom windows and doors with oversized or ornate panes. In order to make sure that your glass repair is perfect, our glass specialists will take detailed measurements of every part of your glass fixture. We will note the style of glass in addition to the design. Once we receive your pane, we return to finish your installation.

In many cases, damage that looks severe won't require a full replacement of your glass fixture. If only the glass has been shattered, then we will only replace the glass panes. If the casing has been damaged, we then must replace the whole unit.

Call Us Today

Broken glass doesn't have to be an extended problem. You can trust Glass Doctor of Middletown NY to make your home or business safe and comfortable again. If you need emergency glass repair service, or have any other glass needs, call us at (845) 343-4611 so that our glass specialists can take care of you as soon as possible.