Glass Shower Doors & Bathtub Enclosures in Middleton, MA

A beautiful shower door is one of the most-used, practical parts of your bathroom and one of the biggest contributors to your bathroom decor. Acting as a centerpiece for the room, it draws and directs light, as well as the eye. A well-chosen piece significantly boosts the visual appeal of the room and the resale value of your home.

Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Middleton offers an extensive range of basic shower doors, frameless shower doors, and custom enclosures, all designed to your requirements and fitted by our team of experts.

Frameless Shower Doors Add a Touch of Luxury

One of our most popular options, frameless shower doors, increases the visual appeal of your bathroom by creating a sense of light, space, and luxury. Our frameless shower doors are custom-built to suit your space, which is ideal for bathrooms with a unique layout or room for an extra-large shower.

In addition to providing comfort and luxury, a frameless shower door is a popular choice with homeowners and will increase your home’s resale value accordingly. Not only will you experience the benefit yourself, but also you’ll recoup some of your investment further down the line.

Design Your Perfect Shower Space Today

Because Glass Doctor Home + Business of Middleton offers an extensive array of custom-built options, you have the opportunity to design your dream shower enclosure. Our experts offer a fully consultative experience, benefit from their experience throughout the design, budgeting, installation, and maintenance phases of your build.

Before we assist you in designing your shower we do ask that you consider a few factors:

  • Shower heads: Different enclosure designs suit different shower heads. We advise choosing a shower head that will not cause water to spray outside your enclosure.
  • Configuration: The maximum weight of glass we will be able to use for your enclosure will be dependent on the configuration of your walls and the location of supporting studs.
  • Measurements: To ensure everything piece is the right size, our team will visit your home to take measurements. This will allow us to provide an accurate quote and ensure your installation goes smoothly.
  • Ventilation: You may need to have some ventilation in your room to ensure moisture doesn’t build up and cause mold. Our specialists will evaluate your room and advise you of appropriate measures.

If you’ve considered your options and are ready for a consultation, call Glass Doctor Home + Business of Middleton today.

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