Double Pane Windows

Homes provide us shelter and comfort, but changing weather will affect even the strongest homes with fluctuating temperatures. Windows carry the burden for temperature and humidity change in buildings and make a home's climate unpredictable and inefficient. Traditional double pane glass windows help keep a home protected from the elements but can fall short without proper sealing. At Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Middleton, our insulated glass units (IGUs) use the best technology to combat air and moisture leaks. For a more efficient and comfortable home, consider our double pane window replacement services.

Insulated Glass Benefits and Design

Illustration of a double pane window that explains the parts of the window

IGUs employ special technology and design to keep indoor air temperature and humidity at desirable levels. When the weather is hot and humid, insulated glass keeps cold, conditioned air inside. When temperatures drop, IGUs keep heat in the home instead of leaking out. Double pane windows reduce the energy burden on your heating and air conditioning system, which will quickly diminish costs on your electric or natural gas bills.

Insulated glass works by reducing the amount of conduction with proper spacing and sealing between two panes of glass. Warm air can create condensation when it comes in contact with a cold window. To eliminate moisture buildup in the air space of the IGU, we use a desiccant within the spacer. This system is then sealed on each side to ensure a controlled environment for your home.

Insulated Glass Replacement

At Glass Doctor Home + Business of Middleton, we understand that windows also play a key role in a home's visual appeal. If you are interested in replacing window glass with our insulated product but want to keep your existing frames, please utilize our unique and cost-effective glass replacement service. We will provide you with the best in dual pane window replacement while maintaining your home's look.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.