Middleton's Emergency Commercial Glass Services

It's easy to take good windows for granted; but when your windows break or lose efficiency notice the results in your energy bills. Windows provide your business with beauty, insulation and protection against the weather and intruders, which is why it is essential to repair them as soon as they break. Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Middleton offers emergency commercial glass repair 24/7, all year long. Whatever the damage, our repair team will replace the glass and restore your office.

Rapid Repairs

Standard windows are easy to replace, but many office windows are unusual in their size, shape, style and composition. Consider joining our Advance Measurement system to speed up the emergency commercial glass repair process. Our team will visit your business, draw a diagram of every room in the office and assign a number to each window. When a window is broken, call us up and report the window's number. This will allow us to select the proper replacement panes before we go to your building, saving you the cost and inconvenience of a second trip.

In addition to allowing for speedier pane replacement, the Advance Measurement system also involves recording your credit and contact data before repairs are necessary. This speeds up the payment process and reduces the chance of time-consuming administrative mistakes. For even quicker emergency commercial glass repairs, consider signing up for our In-Stock glass program. This program involves identifying windows that are particularly vulnerable to damage and stocking up on replacement panes, ensuring we will never lack the glass you need.

Commercial Care

Our Commercial Care plan lowers the cost of repair everyday repairs and projects. If you become a Commercial Care customer, you will gain:

  • Priority Response: When time is limited, our team will attend to your business first.
  • Devoted Specialists: Our skilled repair team will devote themselves to protecting and strengthening your business.
  • Account Advantages: We will set up a commercial account for your company, which will contain your contact information and other data to expedite repairs.
  • Savings Selection: You will be eligible for a wide range of discounts and deals, including broken window board-up services.

Glass Doctor Home + Business of Middleton is committed to helping your business prepare for any contingency. In addition to repairs, we will upgrade your glass, making your business more beautiful, more sustainable and more cost-effective. For more information or to set up an account, contact us today.