Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Middleton, MA

Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Middleton offers the Advance Measurement system so your commercial property benefits from proactive glass care as part of a disaster recovery plan. Our team of glass specialists will survey your property and measure each of your glass windows, doors and specialty items to determine every pane you need throughout your building. The specifications of each pane will be recorded, along with any code requirements. The location of each pane will be numbered on a diagram of the property. We leave a copy of the diagram with you and keep the original on file, so when you report a broken pane we quickly determine the best course of repair.

Quick Emergency Repairs

Any time glass breaks, day or night, contact Glass Doctor Home + Business of Middleton and report the number of the pane using the diagram. If the glass is in stock, it will be replaced immediately, preventing the need to board-up the site. Dealing with the complete installation in just one visit saves your business time, reduces anxiety and keeps lost revenue to a minimum. Your credit and contact information will also be established in advance to expedite the process.

In-Stock Options

If your property experiences frequent broken glass, we will pre-order your glass through our In-Stock program, so that it’s ready whenever you need it.

Benefits of the Advance Measurement Program

  • Savings: Completing installation in a single trip saves you money. Broken panes may deter customers or increase your HVAC use, which costs you a bundle in utilities.
  • Convenience: Our team ensures minimal interruption to your business operations.
  • Reduced Liability: You’ll reduce the risk of customer injury from dangerous glass shards.
  • Security: Fast repairs keep your property safe from vandalism and theft.
  • Visual Appeal: Reduce the need for temporary board-ups, which give your building an unfinished appearance.
  • Accounting: Establish credit in advance to avoid billing conflicts.

Be ready for disaster before it strikes with proactive glass care. Schedule your Advance Measurement inspection with Glass Doctor Home + Business of Middleton today.