Custom Glass Solutions in Middleton, MA

Enhance your home through custom-made glass pieces. Whether your home's style is traditional, contemporary or even neomodern, the Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Middleton specialists will invoke classic appeal with custom glass fixtures.

Custom Glass Decor Fit for Every Home

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Glass tabletops and shelves are some of the easiest items to customize as they do not necessarily have to fit into any particular space. They can be custom cut into almost shapes or sizes and finished with a number of different edges from simple bevels to undercut bullnoses. Ask our specialists to retrofit glass tabletops to protect your antique furniture.

Before we begin you project, our experienced design specialists will visit your home and advise you which glass tint, edgework and type would best work within your space. These design elements affect the overall safety of the piece, which is why we insist on meeting to discuss projects prior to creation. After the design is finalized, our glass specialist will create and install the tabletop of shelf from tempered and coated glass to keep you, your family and your guests safe in case of accidental breakage.

Custom Mirrors

Use mirrors to improve light play and perceived depth in cramped, dim spaces. Our specialists install mirrors of any size or shape for customers; we are even able to create mirror partitions for clients. When you select to custom order a mirror, rather than buy a standard size from a shop, you add elegance and interest to your home. Count on our team for a perfect install, so you know the piece is level and safely attached.

Custom Shower Enclosures

Custom glass shower enclosures are functional as well as beautiful, but these fixtures are hazardous if not manufactured and installed properly. The Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Middleton team understands the issues associated with glass enclosures and are experts at overcoming any obstacle to keep them secure and problem free. You can choose from an assortment of styles when you create your own enclosure with our team.

Modern Glass Doors and Windows

Our team will happily repair, replace or install fresh panes in your windows and doors. Protect your furniture and home decor from harmful UV rays with the installation of low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. Recognized for its efficiency, this type of glass is used to stop harmful UV rays from fading furniture, draperies, carpeting and artwork. It can be retrofit to a variety of spaces including bay windows, sidelights around a door and even overhead skylights. More importantly, Low-E glass windows also help control the internal climate of a home resulting in a significant reduction in monthly energy costs.

Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Middleton will make custom glass decor pieces sure to enhance your home. Set an appointment with our team today!