Custom Glass Shelves & Tabletops in Middleton, MA

Elevate your home's ambiance with the addition of custom glass tabletops. A versatile addition to any space, glass tabletops make cleanup easy and adds a timeless appeal.

Our Glass Expertise is Your Advantage

Glass Doctor Home + Business of Middleton provides professional consultations to discuss the ideas and information before undertaking a glass project for your home or business. During the visit, our experts will measure existing tabletops for new or replacement glass. You'll learn about thickness, edgework, tints and safety features.

The 14 different edge profiles for glass

Custom Glass Tabletop Ideas

Glass is a great choice for a variety of home or business projects. Utilize glass tops for:

  • Dining room tables
  • Desks
  • Coffee tables
  • Poolside dining and side tables
  • Protection for antique dressers or buffets
  • Conference room tables

Our glass specialists offer different sizes, shapes, and customized detail work to make your project perfect.

Added Safety

Enhance your custom glass tabletops with safety features. Select tinted glass to block harmful UV rays from fading furniture and flooring. For safety, choose tempered glass to keep your family safe from hazardous shards and breakage. Safety glass is well-suited for pool areas, bathrooms or places with heavy traffic.

Custom Shelving

Glass Doctor Home + Business of Middleton offers custom glass shelving. Glass works on multiple levels to amplify your home decor. Glass shelving adds visual appeal, and shows off your possessions from every angle. Glass shelving also reduces visual clutter, letting the eye move through the space freely.

Benefits of Glass Shelving

Custom glass shelving is a unique solution. You'll gain:

  • Style: Glass is a classic material that matches every style
  • Individual configuration: Place shelves where you need them most at the proper height
  • Specialized details: Transform your shelves to reflect your tastes with tints, colors and edgework

Use custom shelving in a multitude of ways, including closets, built-ins, existing bookshelves or as floating additions.

Glass Doctor Home + Business of Middleton is the answer to your custom glass tabletop and shelving needs. Contact them today for your in-home consultation.