Door Closer Repair Service in Middleton, MA

A customer's experience begins from the moment they walk through your doors. Make sure their first impression is great by ensuring your business offers an easy-to-use, welcoming entrance for customers. Smoothly opening and closing doors ensure the safety of your commercial space and prevent any dangerous swinging. Glass Doctor Home + Business of Middleton will provide you with the manual door closer care you need to make a great first impression.

How Manual Door Closers Work

A manual door closer makes opening a door easier. The door closer does this by allowing people to feel the initial weight of the door and then gliding open with little resistance. Door closers will also ensure closing the door requires no effort, because the door closer will slowly close the door on its own.

Door Closer Repair Service

When your door closers are damaged or broken, they won't allow your door to function properly. In some cases, a damaged door closer will interfere with your door's ability to open and close. If you're experiencing door closer problems, Glass Doctor Home + Business of Middleton will provide you with the door closer repair you need.

Incorrect Door Closer Replacement

The type of door closer you need depends on the weight of your door. Heavier doors require sturdy door closers with strong springs; if the door is too light the closer will snap the door shut. The wrong type of door closer will create a safety hazard. Our door closer specialists will quickly determine whether or not you have an incorrect door closer installed. If you do, then we will replace it for you.

Improperly Installed Door Closer Adjustments

An improper door closer installation will lead to misalignments and damage to your door. If an improper installation is causing you door closer issues, then one of our door closer specialists will adjust or reinstall your door closer.

Seal Repairs

A broken seal will create gaps that expose your door closer to wear and damage. You can have us restore your door closer seal before the damage is too great.

Low Oil Level Restoration

An oil leak is often indicative of another issue with your door closer. When your oil leaks out, the door closer won't function properly and can cause the door to swing too fast. We will restore your door closer's oil levels and fix the damaged that caused the leak in the first place.

Difficulty Locking a Door

A difficult to lock door often has a misalignment that could damage your door closer. We will get your door back on track to make locking easy and prevent damage.

Door Closer Maintenance

As with every piece of equipment, a door closer must be maintained in order to function properly. We will prevent the need for door closer repair service by providing you with routine door closer maintenance service.

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