Custom Mirrors in Middleton, MA

When designing a room, it's critical that you consider what decor you will use. One of the best pieces to add to any room is a custom mirror. The capabilities and flexibility of this type of decor is the perfect fit for any design scheme. Glass Doctor Home + Business of Middleton has the expertise to provide you with the amazing custom mirrors that will flourish with your interior design.

Unique Features of Custom Mirrors

A custom mirror isn't simply a reflective tool. It is an addition that will enhance your space in a way no other piece can duplicate. These unique characteristics make mirrors useful for different types of decor additions. Ask our team which visual trick best works in your space.

Enlarge Space through Illusion

A mirror's ability to reflect images can be used to make a room feel bigger. This is because that image will instantly create visual depth for the room, which in turn gives the appearance of greater space. This is especially beneficial for smaller rooms, which tend to feel cramped or cluttered. Our glass specialists will show you how to perfectly place your custom mirror to maximize this unique capability.

Brighten the Mood

When a custom mirror sits in just the right place, the entire room will feel brighter. This is not an illusion, but an enhancement of the naturally existing light in the space. A mirror reflects the light that hits it, causing it to diffuse throughout a room, instead of being absorbed by a wall. With the proper size and placement, your custom mirror can make a room with limited access to strong, consistent lighting feel bright throughout.

Filling Space

One of the toughest design dilemmas is filling blank space without creating clutter. Few pieces of decor don't dominate the visual space of a wall; the right mirror will blend with the existing design. Because a mirror flows with the design of any room, it is subtle. This means that it can fill a glaringly blank space without overwhelming the space.

Full Views of Art

When you have a piece of 3-D art like a statue or figurine, you should be able to show it off. However, unless you place it in the middle of the room where it's in the way, this isn't usually possible. Custom mirrors can solve this problem. See your piece from every angle when you install a mirrored wall or mirrored shelving.

Your Custom Mirror Options

When you come to Glass Doctor Home + Business of Middleton for your custom mirrors, you get options. We will help you select the best options for you home and design goals:

  • Full wall mirror
  • Hanging mirror
  • Vanity mirror
  • Full-length mirror
  • Mirrored shelving
  • Mirrored tabletop
  • Mirrored backsplash

Enjoy Your Home Decor

We have extensive experience creating custom glass pieces, so if you have a unique concept in mind for your custom mirrors, let us know! Our glass specialists will work with you to achieve the perfect design. Custom mirrors have the ability to take your interior design to the next level. Contact the Glass Doctor Home + Business of Middleton team so that we can create your custom glass decor!