Windshield Repair and Replacement

Windshield damage is far from rare. While industry experts disagree on the exact number of auto and truck windshields replaced every year, the estimates run from 11 to 14 million. While some of those windshields could have been repaired rather than replaced, the majority had major damage necessitating replacement. The specialists of Glass Doctor® of Michigan City will take the guesswork out of repair and replacement determination.

Factors Contributing to Windshield Repair

  • Time is important: Contact an auto glass specialist when the damage occurs, no matter how minor it may seem. By taking immediate action, windshield chip repair is usually a simple, straightforward process. Even seemingly insignificant cracks and chips tend to expand quickly when not properly repaired, taking care of the issues is important to prevent unnecessary replacements.
  • Size matters: Windshields with chips less than 3/8 inch and small cracks are good candidates for repairs. Once a crack is longer than three inches, the glass will require replacement. Have a Glass Doctor of Michigan City auto glass expert evaluate the size of the damage to be sure the correct service is requested.
  • Where damage is: Any damage affecting the driver’s view of the road indicates the broken windshield should be replaced. Even the best repairs may create minor distortions that could distract drivers. Damage extending to the edges of a broken windshield is generally considered good candidates for replacement as they routinely spread.

Since each situation is unique, consulting windshield professionals is always recommended. Only after evaluating the damage will repair or replacement recommendations be provided.

Our Windshield Replacement Process

Because modern cars and light trucks rely on windshields to maintain the vehicle’s structure, restoring glass is a safety as well as an esthetic issue. Glass Doctor of Michigan City understands the vital role window glass plays in a vehicle’s safety and takes steps to ensure both the replacement glass and the installation is of top quality.

The replacement process is proven to restore the clarity and safety of your vehicle. First, our specialists perform careful removal of the damaged glass. Glass Doctor of Michigan City experts remove any trim before the glass is removed. Care is taken to avoid damaging the surrounding areas, as scratches become a breeding ground for rust and encourage leaks. Once the bonding surfaces are cleaned, glass meeting the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) standards is selected. Because poor sealing leads to leaks and noise, the installation experts use Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) recommended adhesives to guarantee weather-tight glass.

A one-hour waiting period is observed to allow the adhesive time to properly cure. The one-hour time period is recommended by the AGSC, but installers may suggest longer periods depending on the weather conditions. Once the installation is completed, Glass Doctor of Michigan City experts will review the company’s Windshield Protection Plan with the car owner. The guarantee protects clients in the event of any chip, crack or major glass damage for 12 months. If damage occurs, the company will repair or replace the glass as needed.

Cost Savings When You Choose Glass Doctor

Glass Doctor of Michigan City works with all major insurance carriers and will file claims for drivers. However, never simply assume coverage is in place. Contacting the insurance company to verify coverage prior to scheduling any work is strongly recommended. Insurance companies recognize the benefits of repairing auto glass rather than replacing it and encourage drivers to take advantage of repairs whenever possible. Many companies even waive deductibles when a windshield is repaired, as doing so saves everyone time and money. To get the process started, contact Glass Doctor of Michigan City today.