Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

A glass shower door or tub enclosure can instantly transform your bathroom by creating a beautiful centerpiece that is practical and durable. Whether you want to create a certain level of sophistication with a custom, hand-crafted heavy glass door or install a more simple model, the experts at Glass Doctor® of Michigan City can help you prepare and complete your glass door installation project. You can instantly increase the value of your home, amplify natural light and create a warm and inviting sanctuary with a shower door or tub enclosure from Glass Doctor of Michigan City.

Work with our specialists to find a design that suits your home and budget and let them walk you through the entire installation and maintenance process. Before you get started and design your new showers doors, here are a few practical concerns to take into consideration:

  • Configuration: Knowing the material of your walls will help determine the weight of glass your bathroom’s walls can support. You will also want to locate any supporting studs to ensure your shower doors are properly anchored for maximum safety. 
  • Shower Heads: Look for a shower head that will work well with your new shower doors. You want a model that won't spray above or beyond the enclosure even when the door is open. A little research and planning can help you avoid leaks and keep your bathroom dry.
  • Measurements: The best way to make sure that you have accurate measurements and to avoid any delays in the installation process is to schedule an appointment with one our glass experts. A specialist will come to your home and provide an accurate quote that includes both installation and the cost of materials.
  • Ventilation: When you schedule an appointment with our glass experts, they will also conduct a ventilation evaluation and make recommendations. If your bathroom doesn't have adequate ventilation, moisture will quickly build up and cause mold and your bathroom’s paint to peel. 

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

Glass Doctor of Michigan City provides several tools that will help you get inspired and choose the perfect glass shower door or tub enclosure for your bathroom. 

Call or schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor of Michigan City to begin the design for your new glass shower door or tub enclosure!