Auto Glass Care

There are various types of windshield cracks, but most occur from a foreign object striking the glass, usually a rock kicked up by the tires of another car or an object that falls off another vehicle. When the outside edge of the windshield is struck, it usually results in one long crack, while when the center of the glass is struck it tends to cause starburst cracks. A windshield crack can often begin as a small chip. As a rule, cracks less than six inches can be repaired, but those that are longer, or reach the edge of the windshield, usually require replacement of the entire windshield.

It’s discouraging when your car’s windshield develops a crack, but Glass Doctor® of Michigan City will make the experience as painless as possible. Our specialists repair or replace windshields, as well as sunroofs, mirrors, back glass and side windows.

Windshield Care

The windshield is an integral safety feature of your car, accounting for at least 45% of its structural integrity in a front-end collision, as well as 60% in a rollover accident. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Michigan City perform most auto glass repair jobs within an hour; windshield chip repair is completed in 30 minutes. When we install a new windshield, we keep in mind all new auto glass components like temperature gauges, antennas, and rain and humidity sensors. No matter your vehicle’s make or model, if your windshield needs to be replaced, we promise to restore the clarity of its glass as well as its safety applications.

Auto Glass Replacement

Modern vehicles are equipped with tempered glass passenger windows and sunroofs. This update was aimed to increase the safety of vehicles during an accident; tempered glass breaks into small, safe chunks if damaged. As a result, when a tempered glass component of your vehicle is damaged, repair is not an option. When you need to replace your vehicles sunroof, mirrors, side or back windows, Glass Doctor of Michigan City will provide you with an expert consultation, furnish you with an accurate estimate and replace your tempered glass in a timely fashion.

We’ll help you with the insurance paperwork to ensure you're receiving maximum benefits.

Auto Glass Protection

Every windshield replacement Glass Doctor of Michigan City performs includes our free Windshield Protection Plan, which covers unlimited repair or a single replacement windshield within 12 months. The basic plan excludes labor and installation materials. For an additional fee we also offer a Future Installation Option, which covers the cost labor and installation materials in the event a replacement is required. Our Full Service Plan is the highest level of protection we offer; it adds windshield wiper blades and an application of our Clear Choice™ protectant glass treatment.

Let the dedicated specialists at Glass Doctor of Michigan City handle all your auto glass repair or replacement needs, and we’ll have you safely back on the road in no time at all. Simply schedule your appointment, and we’ll do the rest.