Advance Measurement System

Don't let the shock of a broken pane slow your business to a standstill. Plan ahead for the unexpected event with the assistance of Glass Doctor of Michigan City. We offer local businesses access to our Advanced Measurement system, so even the unexpected emergency won't cause undue chaos. Take to first step to proactive commercial glass repair today!

Proactive Commercial Glass Repair

The first step is a consultation with Glass Doctor of Michigan City specialists who will build a detailed diagram of all the glass in your facility. Each pane will be numbered, and any special requirements for safety and types of glass will be noted. We keep a copy on file and you keep a copy for unexpected glass disasters. To expedite your service, our team pre-establishes your credit and contact information.

Faster Emergency Repairs

When trouble strikes, and glass breaks, day or night, give us a call with the number of the panes that have been damaged. Our repair experts will pull the proper glass, if it’s in stock, and complete the repair in one visit. This swift repair protects your inventory and property, ultimately saving you the cost of board up service and lost revenue.

In-Stock Options

Some businesses have glass that is prone to breakage because of high foot traffic and other unavoidable issues. If you know there are certain panes that are likely to break, you can enhance your proactive commercial glass repair options by signing up for our In-Stock program for those specific panes. This will guarantee we have that glass on hand.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

  • Cost-conscious: Simple one-trip repairs
  • Convenience: Keeps your business running with minimal interruption
  • Liability: Increases the safety of your staff and customers
  • Security: Protects the facility and inventory from the elements and theft
  • Expedience: Fewer board-ups and visits to complete repairs
  • Image: Gets your storefront back to beautiful fast
  • Credit: Reduces billing problems

Call Glass Doctor of Michigan City today to prepare you business for any damage with our proactive commercial glass repair program.