Storefront Doors

Good first impressions are important for any business, but if walk-in customers or clients make up a significant portion of your store's revenue stream, the appearance of your storefront is an even greater value. Fortunately, Glass Doctor® of Michigan City offers thorough and reliable commercial glass services, including a variety of store door care options, for business owners throughout La Porte County.

Storefront Door Glass

If you have a storefront with glass window and doors, your reputation depends on the quality of the glass. That's why we put special effort into installing and customizing storefront doors. We offer a wide range of decorative and protective options, including customized colored glass, fire-resistant glass, bulletproof glass, impact-resistant glass and more.

Glass Doctor of Michigan City will also imprint your panes with your business' name, logo, hours of operation and any other details to make life easier for your customers.

Security Film Options

Clean, clear and intact storefront glass is a warm invitation for your customers and a joy for your staff members. However, criminals and inclement weather are risks you must consider. Glass Doctor of Michigan City will help you minimize these risks by installing a tear-resistant security film on your existing glass doors and windows.

Whether shattered glass is intentional or accidental, it's always a safety and security hazard that exposes your property and leaves behind sharp shards. After our specialists apply this special film to your glass, it will break into large, safe chunks that stay together instead of shattering on impact.

Instead of blocking your storefront glass with ugly bars or arranging heavy furniture against the glass indoors, keep your storefront sunny and depend on our security film to ward off outside threats and prevent the hassle of shattered glass.

Emergency Door Repair Services

We have a vested interest in keeping our community as attractive and safe as possible, and we also believe that loyal clients deserve extra rewards. That's why we offer emergency repair services every hour of the year. If your store doors break at night or on a holiday or weekend, we'll send an on-call specialist to clean up the damage, repair it if possible and board it up if necessary.

Additional Glass Care Options

Join our Commercial Care program to take advantage of priority emergency response times, discounted pricing and a variety of other benefits that make our services even faster and more affordable. Your membership will cover your La Porte County business, as well as any other store locations within the United States.

Our Advanced Measurement system offers another way to expedite your commercial glass repair services. We will come to your business and measure your door glass, window panes and other glass installations for future repair purposes. If you need repairs or replacements later, we'll be able to arrive with the correct glass size or order your replacement pane immediately.

Call us at 219-841-6811 to learn more about our store door care options and other storefront glass solutions.