Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

While a broken window isn't a disaster, it is a serious matter that should be addressed quickly. Broken windows expose your home, your family and your possessions to the effects of the elements, pests and potential thieves. The broken shards also pose a risk of injury. That's why Glass Doctor® of Michigan City offers a 24/7 response for residents in need of emergency glass repair.


Our first concern is safety. Broken glass poses several risks. Broken glass can cause serious injuries and is especially dangerous if you have children or pets. Our glass repair specialists will ensure all broken glass is removed and the area is safe.

Board-Up Service

Safety also includes protecting your home and family from intruders. If we cannot immediately repair the broken glass, we'll securely seal the window or door with boards and sheeting to restore security and help maintain your home's efficiency.

In most cases, we can repair the glass damage on our first visit. If we have to leave to acquire replacement glass or other supplies, we'll ensure the area is clean, safe and secure before we go. Then, we'll return as soon as possible to complete the repair.

Interior Glass Repair

Although broken glass in windows and doors is the focus of our emergency glass repair services, we can also repair other types of home glass. These include glass tub and shower enclosures, glass cabinets, mirrors and other glass items in the home.

If you experience broken glass, day or night, weekend or weekday, call Glass Doctor of Michigan City and we'll dispatch a glass repair expert to address the problem. You'll be able to get back to your life, knowing your home, family and possessions are safe and secure.