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Door Closer Repair Service


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You only have one chance at a good first impression, so make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to impress new and potential customers. Partner with Glass Doctor® of Michigan City to ease the burden. Our experts will provide maintenance and door closer repair services, which will ensure your commercial doors work properly each and every time.

How Door Closers Work

Send customers into your store with ease. First and foremost, a properly operating closer allows users to easily pass through doorways without having to stop and close the door. The mechanism will provide the right amount of resistance when the door is pushed, allowing it to gently slide open. Once pressure is no longer being applied, a carefully calibrated spring will make sure the door safely returns to a closed position. Any glitch in this system makes it difficult to operate the door and significantly reduces safety. Sometimes these parts simply wear out over time, but our experts encounter situations where doors have been outfitted with inadequate springs or closers have been improperly installed. Again, these can result in real safety situations and cause damage to your building. Fortunately, our door closer repair service can address any and all of your needs.

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

The experts at Glass Doctor of Michigan City work with you to prevent the need for major repairs and replacements. If you notice an oil leak, missing screw or broken sealant, give us a call. We can fix hardware issues and restore oil levels for peak performance.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Most warranties for doors and closer are voided if an untrained technician attempts to fix the door. Avoid any problems and get the job done right by working with our team. We also specialize in repairing locking mechanisms, so your door will close and latch properly for maximum safety and security. All you have to do is call and schedule a free consultation. Whether you are considering a remodeling project to create more attractive storefront or you need an expert to provide door closer repair services, we can help. When it comes to securing your business and creating an inviting facade to greet customers, rely on Glass Doctor of Michigan City.