Custom Mirrors

Glass is a versatile surface that will transform any living space, especially if you opt for custom details that complement your home – or reflective features that add even more benefits. At Glass Doctor® of Michigan City, we install custom mirrors in addition to windows, tabletops, and other one-of-a-kind glass installations. Our glass specialists understand the many practical and decorative benefits of custom mirrors, and we want to help you tap into their potential too. From making rooms look bigger and brighter to helping your guests feel at home, we use custom mirrors to achieve a variety of effects in our clients' homes and businesses.

Add the Illusion of More Space

We all know that mirrors simply reflect the space in front of them, but our eyes and minds perceive these reflections as objects behind the mirrored surfaces. Mirrored backsplashes make kitchen counters look deeper, while mirrors mounted above a couch or fireplace will trick the eye into seeing a more spacious living room. At Glass Doctor of Michigan City, our specialists will help you use optical illusions to your advantage. If you have low ceilings or minimal square footage in rooms you use frequently, make the spaces feel bigger and more inviting by mounting large mirrors that blend in with the rest of your décor.

Increase Light Flow to Brighten Rooms

While mirrors only appear to make small rooms bigger, they actually do make dark rooms brighter. Save money on artificial lighting and heat by spreading more of the sunshine you already have. Our specialists will create custom mirrors and install them at strategic angles across from windows, to maximize the amount of sunshine that fills each room. Of course, artificial light also increases after we install custom mirrors. Opt for a mirrored backing for a wall-mounted light, or place a mirror behind a lamp, to increase your nighttime lighting options too.

Enhance Your Furniture and Décor

Mirrors also double the impact of your favorite artwork and décor, making them visible from more angles. Consider mirrored shelves for your favorite three-dimensional pieces, or mount mirrors across from paintings and photos to make sure both sides of the room can always see them. Of course, framed mirrors also make great additions to the décor itself. Our custom frames and finishes complement a variety of styles, and our glass specialists will work with you to seamlessly match your custom piece to your other wall art.

Get Ready from Head to Toe

At Glass Doctor of Michigan City, we know that most people rely on mirrors for practical reasons. You want to choose flattering outfits every day, prepare your face and hair with appropriate levels of lighting, and get an accurate perspective of yourself before you face the world. We will always make sure we accommodate your family's everyday needs, especially if you need a mirror for your bathroom, closet, entryway, or bedroom. Floor-length mirrors, door-mounted mirrors, and wide wall-mounted mirrors make it very easy to inspect your ensembles every day, and your guests will appreciate them too.

Whether you want to brighten up a dark, cramped room or refresh your décor with an interesting new addition, our custom mirrors are great choices for any indoor space. Contact Glass Doctor of Michigan City to schedule your free consultation today. We will send a specialist to your home to review your many customization options, get acquainted with your space, and get started on our custom design.