Custom Glass Solutions in McAllen, TX

The glass experts at Glass Doctor® of McAllen specialize in all types of custom glass for your home. We cut custom glass tabletops, shelves and mirrors to suit your space; and we install patio and shower doors. Our low-emissivity (Low-E) glass options help protect your home against the damaging, costly effects of UV rays. Regardless of what your desires might be, get in touch with our team today, and you'll be able to receive the very best glass decor guidance.

Custom Glass Tabletops

The Glass Doctor of McAllen team will custom cut a glass piece to decoratively protect a beautiful antique table or fit perfectly on a table of more modern design. We build custom glass tabletops for outdoor use, too. Our crewmembers are experts in tempered safety glass designed to shatter into small pieces on impact. This glass is the safest option for outdoor patio tables.

To give your table even more beauty and protection, ask our specialist about adding tint to your new glass tabletop. The Glass Doctor of McAllen team will guide you to the right choice for a tint to suit your design needs and protect your carpet and other interior features from the sun's damaging rays.

Custom Glass Shelves

Let the custom glass experts at Glass Doctor of McAllen design, cut and professionally install stylish new glass shelves for any room of your home. We specialize in building sturdy glass shelves to show off your prized treasures and beautifully maximize your home's storage space.

Custom Mirrors

Our specialists are filled with ideas for brightening your home decor with custom mirrors. A hallway with no windows is the perfect spot for a full-length mirror to add a dose of light. A nicely framed custom mirror in a dining area can bring a touch of charm to your family's mealtime. And our team can show you plenty of creative ways to incorporate custom mirrors into the design of your shelves, tables and other home decor.

Custom Glass Doors

Glass Doctor of McAllen will guide you to the most practical and stylish choices for your shower and patio doors. If you're looking for a reliable, storm proof door for your patio, we've got you covered. If your bathroom needs a sturdy, functional shower door as a centerpiece for a fresh new design, we can do that too. And no need to fret over installing your glass door. Glass Doctor of McAllen specialists have the training and experience you can trust for a high-quality, safe installation.

Ask About Our Low-E Glass

Custom glass solutions go beyond your home's interior. Be sure to ask our crew about Low-E glass options for your home's exterior windows, too. Low-E glass is coated with thin reflective material that repels the sun's damaging heat and UV rays. Our experts can show you how this option will protect your home's interior features while also helping cut your cooling and heating costs.

The experts at Glass Doctor of McAllen are ready to find your home's custom glass solutions. Contact us out to your home for a professional consultation today. Se habla español.