Mat-Su-Valley's Emergency Commercial Glass Services

Glass enhances your commercial buildings; it delivers safety, security, and beauty. When your windows and doors break, it disrupts your daily operations and diminishes your building’s aesthetic appeal. The increased hazard from broken glass may cause injuries, and unrepaired openings serve as an invitation to criminals. When broken glass causes problems, Glass Doctor® of Mat-Su Valley provides the emergency, 24-hour commercial glass repair services you need to get back to normal.

Faster Emergency Repairs

When commercial glass repair is critical to keeping your business up and running, our Advance Measurement system provides the right solution. We give you faster emergency repairs because we have established care plans in case of glass damage. Our step-by-step process makes it simple.

  • Inspect, identify and list all panes on your premises
  • Measure each pane and document each location.
  • Generate a diagram with your glass specifications

When a glass repair emergency arises, you simply tell us the item number from your inventory. We check our copy to identify the glass product involved. Often, we can clean up debris and complete repairs in a single visit. When we don’t have your glass products in our inventory, we order them and complete the work when the panes arrive.

Options for Fewer Complications

When we set up the Advance Measurement system for your business, you may select options that enhance your emergency glass repair process.

  • In-stock option for quick replacement of frequently broken panes
  • Pre-established credit and contact information expedites the process

Glass Doctor Special Programs

For enhanced service, we recommend our special programs. This is a premium option that gives your business several benefits.

  • Priority after-hours response to your glass emergencies
  • Account coordination by a service professional
  • Discounted emergency board-up services
  • Commercial account set up
  • Membership pricing on all work

Schedule Your Consultation

Our special programs are the easiest way to ensure that your business gets high-quality glass products, professional labor, and the fastest glass repair services available. To schedule your consultation or to learn more about our commercial glass solutions call us at (907) 302-4847.