Windshield & Auto Glass Care in Mat-Su-Valley, AK

Damage to your auto glass ruins the appearance of your vehicle and in some cases puts occupants in danger. Rely on Glass Doctor® of Mat-Su Valley to resolve your auto glass damage quickly. We repair all types of glass, following industry best practices and meeting Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) standards.


There are two reasons why you should never delay receiving an auto glass repair when it comes to a windshield. First, your windshield plays a vital role in keeping you safe, providing structural integrity in a rollover accident or front-end collision. Second, if you seek attention while the crack or chip is still small and reasonably free from debris, we will be able to repair the damage in one hour and the service may be completely covered by your insurance.

When damage is more significant, our specialists will replace your windshield, bearing in mind features like sensors and antennas. We use industry-standard adhesive and will only return your vehicle when it is safe for you to drive. As an added bonus, you will be eligible for one of our three guarantees, protecting you from further damage in the following 12 months.

Our Auto Glass Repair Services

Windows, sunroofs, quarter glass, and back windshields are all made from tempered glass. This type of glass breaks into chunks upon impact to protect you from injury and therefore always requires a replacement rather than a repair. Before receiving your replacement, schedule a consultation with one of our specialists to discuss your options and pricing.

Glass Protection

After receiving an auto glass repair, protect your investment with our hydrophobic coating glass protectant. A single application prevents hard water, weathering and dirt from scratching, staining, or otherwise damaging glass. Hydrophobic coating also improves visibility when driving in rain and harsh weather conditions.

Never put your life at risk when on the road. Schedule an auto glass repair by contacting us at Glass Doctor of Mat-Su Valley.