Commercial Door Closer Service in Mat-Su-Valley, AK

Your customers start forming their impressions of your business the moment they walk through your front door. If the hardware that opens this door isn't working properly, it may affect the way they feel about your products or services. At Glass Doctor® of Mat-Su Valley, we know you want your guests to have a positive experience from the second they step foot in your business. Our service professionals ensure your door is open to new business with our comprehensive door closer repair service.

How Your Door Closer Works

Door closers are mechanisms that kick into action every time someone opens a door. Your door closer should include springs and a mechanical arm, which work together to provide some initial resistance before guiding the door open for visitors. After the door is open, the door closer gradually swings it back into place again, preventing a hard and unwelcoming slam.

Why Door Closers Stop Working

Your door closer springs must be strong enough to support your door, and the whole mechanism must be properly lubricated and aligned with your door and door frame. Regular maintenance is essential to keep this mechanism functional, and if your door is heavier than most commercial doors, you need a door closer with stronger springs.

Unfortunately, many businesses have door closers that are too weak to handle their heavy doors. Others have improperly aligned door closers, which may damage the door frame and lead to the door's abnormal and potentially dangerous movements.

How We Repair Door Closers

At Glass Doctor of Mat-Su Valley, our door closer repair service is designed to get to the bottom of your door closer problems. We will inspect your door closer hardware to diagnose the issue, and our service professionals will work hard to restore the function and safety of your commercial door.

Depending on the problem we detect; your door closer repair may include one or more of these services:

  • Repairing a broken seal that caused a clearance gap or oil leak
  • Replacing missing screws or broken O-rings
  • Replacing the oil that lubricates your door closer
  • Removing an improper door closer and installing the hardware you need
  • Replacing weak springs with stronger springs that can handle your door's weight
  • Repairing damaged door frames, locking mechanisms, hinges, and other components that may be related to your door closer damage

If your door closer is still under warranty, it's important to let a professional handle these tasks. Your door and door closer depend on an intricate system of hardware components to work properly. Glass Doctor of Mat-Su Valley has the training and experience it takes to repair your door closer without voiding the warranty or causing additional problems. Reach out to our team today to schedule a consultation or learn more about your commercial door closer!