Custom Mirrors

A well-placed custom mirror will make any room in your house feel like you're at home. A custom mirror is also a great statement piece, as your friends and family are sure to be awestruck from the moment they see it. The benefits of custom mirrors for the home are endless. The keys to creating the perfect effect with your custom mirror are quality and the right design choices; your Glass Doctor® of Mat-Su Valley provide both. Our service professionals have years of experience providing customers like you with the perfect custom mirrors for their homes.

When it sits in the right place, a mirror will make any room feel bigger. The mirror does this by creating depth and dimension through the background that it reflects. This is an especially important benefit to take advantage of in smaller rooms that often feels cramped and uninviting. There is a multitude of ways that you can use your custom glass decor to widen a space. For example, you have the option of using the following types of custom mirrors:

Types of Mirrors

Mirrored Walls

A full-mirrored wall will make any room or hallway feel expansive, even if it has tiny dimensions.

Framed Mirrors

A framed mirror allows you to make a stylish statement while allowing your custom mirror to fit right into the design of any room.

Frameless Mirrors

A sleek frameless mirror will seamlessly flow with your room's design while eliminating the cluttered feel that occurs when a smaller space is overwhelmed by the decor.

A Mirrored Backsplash

For rooms like your kitchen and bathroom, this is a great solution for creating the illusion of space without interfering with the room's functionality.

Accentuate Your Home Decor and Art

A custom mirror will enhance any piece of artwork to perfect your style.

Mirrored Shelving

When you place a piece of artwork on a mirrored shelf, you gain a panoramic view that allows you to take in its beautiful details from all angles.

Mirrored Backdrops

A mirrored backdrop allows you to see a piece of artwork from the front and the back so that you and your guests can fully appreciate its style.

Accent Mirrors

A well-placed accent mirror can be used to make your best home decor stand out even more.

Naturally Enhance Your Home's Light

By diffusing the light in your room, a custom mirror naturally brightens the room without you having to switch any additional lights on. This effect can even make a dimly lit room feel as though the sun is shining brightly.

Own a Mirror Made to Impress

In addition to accentuating other elements of a room's design, a custom mirror can be a statement piece all on its own. For example, an awe-inspiring full wall mirror is sure to take your guests aback; an elegant framed mirror will be a strong conversation piece.

The Beauty of Mirrors Enhance Your Home

Our service professionals will walk you through the Mat-Su Valley will provide you with all of the mirrors and other custom glass decor that you need. Contact us today to explore all of your custom glass options today!