Custom Glass Solutions

Beautify your home with standard and customized home glass decor from Glass Doctor® of Little Rock. Installing glass pieces throughout your home will increase its aesthetic appeal and value. Ask our experts to help you update your home with new mirrors and glass tabletops. Let us help you choose the perfect glass insert for your entrance or repair a French door pane. Trust Glass Doctor of Little Rock with all of your home glass decor needs!

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Our specialists will measure and create custom glass tabletops for your new or existing furniture. We will cut your tabletop in the shape and size you desire, complete with a custom finished edge. Choose to have your glass tabletops made from tinted or tempered glass for increased safety.

Call us at (501) 223-5121 to set up an in-home consultation with one of our glass experts. We’re happy to give you all the details about custom edgework, glass tint, thickness and the safety issues related to heavy glass tabletops.

Custom Mirrors

Our large selection of mirror products will enhance your home’s decor and add the illusion of space. Adding a mirror will change tight spaces into cozy nooks or sleek modern rooms. Let us handle all of your mirror needs from designing and installing full-mirrored walls to cut-to-fit frames. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Little Rock use mirrors to your greatest advantage; there’s no job too big or too small!

Patio and French Door Glass

At Glass Doctor of Little Rock, we work with a large selection of top manufacturers so we can offer you a wide range of glass door options. We will restore or replace your broken door glass or make your doors more decorative with special glass and matching side windows.

Install interior sliding blinds to customize your patio, or give your door a decorative insert to create intrigue. When replacing your door glass choose to upgrade tempered glass for a great safety enhancement. All of our specialty glass meets or exceeds safety regulations.

Low-E Glass Windows

Low emissivity (Low-E) glass is a type of reflective glass, coated with a thin metallic layer, used in both residential and commercial applications. Because it reflects the sun’s harmful UV rays, Low-E glass helps to prevent sun damage to your carpet, draperies and home furnishings. By reflecting the heat of the sun, Low-E glass will help control your indoor climate and save you money by reducing the cost of cooling your home.

Whatever your glass home decor needs, give the specialists at Glass Doctor of Little Rock a call! We’ll help you to find the best solution for your home.