Auto Glass Care

Ignoring auto glass damage won't make it go away, but that's just what many drivers do. Vehicle owners who delay auto glass repair service compromise their vehicle's safety system. Count on Glass Doctor® of Little Rock to perform quality auto glass repair service. We loyally serve the residents of Little Rock, Jacksonville and surrounding areas.

Windshield Repair and Replacement

Ignoring the crack won't make it go away - in fact, the likelihood is that a crack will grow and grow until it walks all the way across the windshield, and makes driving the vehicle dangerous. During a rollover accident, as much as 60% of your car's structural integrity comes from the windshield and as much as 45% in a head-on collision. It's easy to see why, in the interest of safety, any windshield damage should be repaired as soon as practicable.

Glass Doctor of Little Rock will send our mobile team to your location to perform windshield repair. If the damage is more extensive than a small chip, or if the crack has already grown, full replacement may be necessary, but this can also be accomplished at the shop while you are at work. In just a few hours, the damaged windshield is replaced. Our specialists follow the methods prescribed by the Auto Glass Safety Council™, so you can be sure that all work is done correctly and carefully.

Auto Glass Replacement

Glass Doctor of Little Rock will replace any auto glass your vehicle might need, from passenger windows and back glass to sunroofs. Most likely all glass in your car, other than the windshield, is made of tempered glass, which is intentionally designed to shatter into small pieces upon impact. Our specialists are familiar with replacing this type of glass of a variety of makes and models, so no matter which glass section has been damaged; the work can be done in a fast and efficient manner by our specialists.

Our Windshield Guarantee

Every windshield replacement includes our Windshield Protection Plan. This additional value ensures your new windshield for one year after installation. For vehicle owners hoping to increase their protection, we offer a Future Installation Option or a Full Service Plan. Both plans include labor and materials for a future windshield replacement, but the latter also includes new windshield wipers and our hydrophobic coating glass protectant treatment. Our hydrophobic coating shields your car's glass from pollutants and weathering and keeps the windshield much clearer during rainy or snowy weather. With better visibility, while driving, you and your family will be much safer.

The sooner you bring your vehicle in to address the chip or crack, the safer you are driving it. Schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor of Little Rock to repair or replace your auto glass today!